What a b0nerr mean???????


Answer 1


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Imagine that you are Gregor Mendel and you want to assure yourself that the F1 generation plants you generated from crossing true-breeding plantsactuallyare heterozygotes. You perform a testcross by mating all of your F1 smooth pea plants with plants that are homozygous recessive (wrinkled pea plants).
a. Normal body temperature is 98.6°F. A child is not feeling well, and there is only a Celsius thermometer available. The child's temperature is taken and the thermometer reads 37°C.
Which of the following relies on amolecule binding to the repressor to prevent the repressor from binding to the operator? a. repression b. gene expression c. an operon d. induction
Why are the moon’s craters preserved?
Original DNA coding strand: TAC CCG ACG GGC GAT AGT TTCDNA 1: TAC CCA CGG GCG ATA GTT TCDNA 2: TAC CCG ACG GGC GAT AGT TTTa) What types of mutation have occurred in each of the DNA 1 and DNA 2 sequences?b) Explain how these mutations affect the amino acid sequence produced and the overall effect on the final protein. Which mutation will cause the most disruption to the overall protein structure and why?

Air pollution is effecting national Park in which way


Fighting for Clean Air in our National Parks

Air pollution is one of the most serious threats facing national parks, harming visitors’ health, clouding scenic views and altering our climate.The air pollution affecting national parks — and the rest of the country — results from the burning of fossil fuels by power plants, oil and gas development, vehicles, agriculture, industrial emissions, and other sources. NPCA works to make sure our nation’s air laws are strong, to hold polluters and government accountable to those laws, and ultimately, to reduce the air pollution that harms our parks, climate and communities.

Defending Federal Laws and Regulations

The Clean Air Act – which has helped improve air quality throughout the nation and the National Park System – is now under consistent threat as the Environmental Protection Agency works to roll back regulations, attack the use of science and offer polluters loopholes. NPCA advocates to defend and strengthen the clean air laws that protect park skies. We speak out for science and guard against policies driven only by politics and private industry.

Holding Polluters and Governments Accountable

Picture park skies free of pollution. While this sadly isn’t the case today, NPCA strives to make sure that parks are on the right track and that air pollution harming parks is reduced. We do this by helping to secure strong state plans to limit haze-causing and climate-altering pollution, and by defending existing plans – in court, if necessary.

Advocating for Pollution Reduction

Clean air laws are meaningless if polluters and the government don’t follow them. NPCA vigilantly monitors for sources that violate their permits or when officials aren’t following through on the safeguards in place to protect parks. We also look for opportunities to collaborate and work in state, local or regional processes to prevent threats of new pollution and help reduce harmful emissions. Learn about our work in California and Utah.

Increasing __________ is one of the most effective treatments for bowel and bladder problems.


Dietary fiber and fluids (mark brainliest)

the snake does not get as much energy from eating the same amount of food as the grasshopper. The statement that best explains why this is true is



Grasshoppers use up much of their energy for life processes.



hm i have been wanting the answer to the same question


PLZ HELP ME1. The positively charged particle in an atom is the

a. neutron. c. proton.

b. ion. d. electron.

2. Two or more different atoms are combined in

definite proportions in any

a. symbol. c. element.

b. isotope. d. compound.

3. A covalent bond is formed by the

a. transfer of electrons. c. gaining of electrons.

b. sharing of electrons. d. losing of electrons.

4. When you shake sugar and sand together in a test

tube, you cause them to form a

a. compound. c. solution.

b. mixture. d. suspension.

5. A compound that produces hydrogen ions in

solution is a(an)

a. salt. c. base.

b. acid. d. polymer.

6. In polymerization, complex molecules are formed

by the joining together of

a. macromolecules. c. polymers.

b. carbohydrates. d. monomers.

8. Proteins are polymers formed from

a. lipids.

b. carbohydrates.

c. amino acids.

d. nucleic acids.

9. An enzyme speeds up a reaction by

a. lowering the activation energy.

b. raising the activation energy.

c. releasing energy.

d. absorbing energy.

10. In a chemical reaction, a reactant binds to an

enzyme at a region known as the

a. catalyst.

b. product.

c. substrate.

d. active site.



I wont be able to answer all of them but: 1. C

2. Compound


A positive charge is called a proton, no charge is a neutron and a negative charge is  a electron

When atoms are combined they are called a compound.

Hopes this helps you a bit.

From the video “Clownfish and Sea Anemone Partnership” what relationship is being displayed and what are the indicators or factors that are evidence for your answer?Comensulism





Answer:   Comensulism

Commensalism is being displayed From the video Clownfish and Sea Anemone Partnership


From the video Clownfish and sea Anemone Partnership there is a significant relation that can be seen from the statement itself too and that is sign of symbolism.

The relation of symbol is used for the sea anemone. So, both Clown fish and Anemone are held to be very beneficial whenever these two fishes are kept together in presence of each other.

So, it can be said clown fish and sea anemone have a very deep relation between each other.

What are index fossils used to determine?



Index fossil that is also known as indicator fossil is used to determine the age of the layers of the rocks. It says that the new layer of sedimentary rocks lie over the old layer.

The deeper we go, the older the rocks we will find. Index fossil of animals that lived or survived only for a short period of time are very useful. An example of index fossil can be Ammonites that were found in Mesozoic era that was about 25-35 million years ago.

Final answer:

Index fossils are used by geologists and palaeontologists to determine the relative age of rock layers and identify different geological periods. They are effective markers of time because they appear in a consistent, limited time span.


Index fossils are a powerful tool used by geologists and palaeontologists. Specifically, these fossils are used to determine the relative age of a layer of rock and identify geological periods. This is possible because index fossils are found to occur in a particular time span, and not beyond that.

For example, let's suppose a fossil of a creature that we know lived about 100 million years ago is found in a rock layer. This suggests that the rock layer would also probably be of the same period. Thus, index fossils serve as benchmarks or points of reference to determine the age of the surrounding materials.

Learn more about Index Fossils here: