The cost of speeding relates crashed in 2008 accounted for per second


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Checker Clackers, Inc. manufactures clackers. Checker’s transactions and accounts included the following during June: Raw materials inventory, beginning $1,200 Raw materials inventory, ending 1,400 Work in process inventory, beginning 7,100 Work in process inventory, ending 6,800 Raw materials acquired 27,800 Cost of direct materials used in production 27,600 Sales commissions to sell clackers 2,100 Direct labor cost 20,000 Total manufacturing overhead 28,900 How much is cost of goods manufactured for June?
Consider three imaginary countries. In Aire, saving amounts to $4,000 and consumption amounts to $12,000; in Bovina, saving amounts to $3,000 and consumption amounts to $24,000; and in Cartar, saving amounts to $10,000 and consumption amounts to $50,000. The saving rate is
Crocetti Corporation makes one product and has provided the following information to help prepare the master budget for the next four months of operations: Budgeted selling price per unit $ 121 Budgeted unit sales (all on credit): January 7,000 February 7,500 March 11,900 April 14,900 Credit sales are collected: 40% in the month of the sale 60% in the following month The budgeted accounts receivable balance at the end of February is closest to:
Why don't consumers tend to get upset about tariffs?
The Callie Company has provided the following information: Operating expenses were $244,000; Cost of goods sold was $378,000; Net sales were $940,000; Interest expense was $47,000; Gain on sale of a building was $84,000; Income tax expense was $142,000. What was Callie's gross profit

In the Shaping Department of Oriole Company the unit materials cost is $4.00 and the unit conversion cost is $2.00. The department transferred out 8900 units and had 1700 units in ending work in process 20% complete. If all materials are added at the beginning of the process, the total cost to be assigned to the ending work in process is___________-





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in which order would the expectancy theory place the following events? a) outcome valence, performance, effort b) performance, effort, outcome valence c) effort, outcome valence, performance d) performance, outcome valence, effort e) effort, performance, outcome valence


Answer: e. effort, performance, outcome valence


The expectancy theory analyses and explains the reason why people behave the way they do. The expectancy theory explains that individual behave the way they do because they believe their efforts which they put into a particular activity will bring about an outcome.

The first thing that comes first is the effort which one puts into an activity, after then is the performance and lastly the outcome.

In business, it is important to establish your _____ from your first day on the job. Multiple choice question. need for power credibility sense of humor desires


One of the most important things to establish in business from your first day is:

  • B. Credibility

Business Credibility

This refers to the quality that your business partners are able to trust you and you are accountable and you as a business person has good ethics and can be relied on.

With this in mind, we can see that the first thing to establish in business is credibility.

Therefore, the correct answer is option B

Read more about credibility here:

What is the law of comparative advantage? According to the law of comparative advantage, what should be the distinguishing characteristics of the goods a nation produces? What should be the distinguishing characteristics of the goods a nation imports? How will international trade influence people's production levels and living standards? Explain.



Its the ability of a nation to produce a good or a service at the lowest opportunity cost.


According to the law of comparative advantage, a nation should produce only a good or a service if the opportunity of cost of producing it is among the lowest among its trade partners. It will give a nation or a company to sell the goods at the lowest possible prices and therefore gathering the maximum economic growth.

This law will allow people to specialize in certain skills therefore reducing the cost of production in the long run, therefore increasing the economic gains. Similarly, a nation should import goods, if the opportunity cost of producing that good is higher than partner nations. Thus, the international trade will allow people to specialize in their areas of expertise and increase their productivity over time. Therefore, the overall global economic output will increase, increasing the people's standards of living.

Almost overnight, several police officers, all members of the police force of the growing suburb of mayberry, called in sick. as the dispatcher took those calls, one right after the other, she speculated that there could be more to this story than she was hearing. in fact, she thought it might be related to the emotional banter she heard the night before in the locker room as several members of the force were leaving their shifts. the group was not happy with the recent changes in scheduling, the excessive overtime hours, and, management's reluctance to begin negotiations on a new benefits package. she heard one officer saying, "it's time for a mental health day!" although it is illegal for police to strike, what the police dispatcher was witnessing may have been ______.


What the police dispatcher was witnessing may have been "a blue flue".

A blue flu is an informal term used to portray a sort of strike activity embraced by cops in which an expansive number simultaneously utilize sick leave. A blue flue is a strike activity by police in a few sections of the US where police strikes are denied by law.


The correct answer is:  a Blue Flu.


A Blue Flu is the act by which police officers call in sick leaves massively as a form of protest against labor conditions. This action is carried out because law enforcement deputies in most parts of the United States are not allowed to go on a strike by law.

An asset has had an arithmetic return of 10.3 percent and a geometric return of 8.3 percent over the last 90 years. What return would you estimate for this asset over the next 10 years? 25 years? 30 years?



Blume's formula combines the geometric and arithmetic means of an asset to be able to predict its returns in a given period.

The formula is;

= Geometric Mean*(T-1)/(N-1) + Arithmatic Mean *(N-T)/(N-1)


T = Period in question

N = Total period

10 years

= 8.3%*(10-1)/(90-1) + 10.3%*(90-10)/(90-1)

= 10.1 %

25 years

= 8.3%*(25-1)/(90-1) + 10.3%*(90-25)/(90-1)

= 9.76%

30 years

= 8.3%*(30-1)/(90-1) + 10.3%*(90-30)/(90-1)

= 9.65%