Need help with fill in the blanks for onomatopoeias on number 6,7,9, and 10 (also if u can spot errors so I can fix it just in case) :)
Need help with fill in the blanks for onomatopoeias on - 1


Answer 1


6.)  Roar

7.)  Bang

9.)  Swish

10.)  Screech


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HALP HALP PLEASE WILL MARK BRAINIEST!!!!!ANNIE [CHEERILY]: I think God must owe me a resurrection.ANAGNOS [A BIT SHOCKED]: What? ANNIE [TAPS HER BROW]: Well, He keeps digging up that battle! ANAGNOS: That is not a proper thing to say, Annie. It is what I mean.ANNIE [MEEKLY]: Yes. But I know what I’m like, what’s this child like?Which element of drama does the author use with the words in brackets? dialogue that reveals a sense of humor stage directions that describe the scenery stage directions that reveal emotion dialogue that reveals a close friendship
6. If you needed information from someone, what type of sentence would you most likely use?
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Is it less acceptable for a man to cry than a woman? Why or why not?


Men are always known to be bastions of stability, rocks in the middle of any difficult circumstances. However, regardless of any sexual orientation, it is not wrong to get emotional. In fact, it’s unhealthy to keep one’s feelings bottled up and shoved deep down inside.

Which elements of epic poetry are demonstrated in this passage? Check all that apply.


Here are some elements of epic poetry that shown in the odyssey

- Supernatural elements , since it told so much about Gods and afterlife
- a Difficult journey with trials, ( such as the moment when the characters trapped in a storm in the middle of the sea)
- A Hero Showing perseverance


an epic hero showing bravery in battle  

a difficult journey with trials

supernatural elements


Why do the traveler have to pass through the fair to reach their destinsation


The travelers have to pass through Vanity Fair as it represents a place of temptation and basic human desires for material things like possessions, power and wealth. Turning away from temptation was a very important part of their journey to reach Celestial City, as it proves that the everlasting life they could achieve there is far more valuable that the things that this world can offer.

Which best describes Mr. Lorry?


Mr.Lorry is deeply loyal and kind
Untrustworthy,Devious,Jealous  & More focus on business than people.

Which of the following statements is grammatically correct? a. He is supposed to wait for I at the end of the day.
b. She said that her is learning to play an instrument.
c. He wants to surprise him mother with flowers.
d. You and I can pull the wagon together.


a is not correct: it should be "wait for me"
b. it should be "she is learning"
c. i think it's supposed to be "his mother" (else him (father?) and his mother?
d - I can't find any mistakes here, correct!

Which is a complete sentence? A.
Walked the dog early Friday morning.

The funniest part of the comedy show.

Four baby ducks waddling down the path.

He wants to arrive on time.


I think its D. Hope that helps!
She is right it is D :)