Which of these is an example of citizen participation in government


Answer 1

You didn't show the choices, but voting is an example.

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In the early 1800s, Native Americans were forced to move off their land _____________ a. as Americans moved west to farm and find resources. b. because they did not pay taxes. c. so they could tame the wilderness. d. to make way for the railroad. Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D
Which of the following is a factor of 5r? - 32x+12?a. x + 2b. X-3c. X+4.d. X-6e X --12
Which dynasty did the Jews form after rebelling against Greek rule?A. HasmoneanB. HaskalahC. HerodianD. ZionistAnswer: A. Hasmonean
What did the fourteenth amendment prohibit?A. Creating laws that reduce privileged of citizens B. Increasing a state's representatives if suffrage was denied C. Supporting the Civil Rights Act D. Rewriting the constitution
What does Economics mean ​

What is one major result of two countries choosing to specialize in theproduction of different goods?

A. Each country is more likely to pay high opportunity costs for


B. Each country is more likely to trade for the goods the other


C. Each country is more likely to become economically self-


D. Each country is more likely to experience a decling in voluntary



Each country is more likely to trade for the goods the other produce.

Why should countries specialize in producing goods?

Countries become better at making the product they specialize in. Consumer benefits: Specialization means that the opportunity cost of production is lower, which means that globally more goods are produced and prices are lower. Consumers benefit from these lower prices and greaterquantities of goods.

What are two reasons for country specialization?

Countries specialize so that opportunitycosts can be increased. Countries specialize to excel in the production of specificgoods and services. Countries specialize to make the most efficient use of their unique set of resources.

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Answer: B


How did the Zapotec use technology to their benefit? Choose two correct answers.-Cisterns helped large settlements survive in desert lands.-Aqueducts encouraged more people to live in river valleys.
-Channels drained wetlands of extra water to supply farm fields.
-Terrace farming enabled them to grow crops on mountain slopes.
-Irrigation canals carried water from streams and springs to cities.



D and E trust me i took the quiz :)


Answer:the correct answer is d and e because i just took the assighnment and it was correct.


Who is the commander in chief of the military? the secretary of defense the president the secretary of veterans affairs the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff



The President


One of the roles that the President of the United States fulfills is that of commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. This is outlined in Article II of the Constitution. This entitles the president to command every action of the military, including supervising military operations, authorizing the deployment of troops and create military policy. However, the president is not able to declare war, as this is a power of Congress.

Commander-in-Chief= Trump (President)
Secretary of Defense= James N. Matti
President= Trump
Secretary of Veteran Affairs= David Shulkin
Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff= Joseph F. Dunford Jr.

Economic sanctions are mainly used to protect domestic industries from international competitors.
help domestic industries gain more business.
punish nations for disobeying international law.
encourage nations to give up their nuclear weapons.


Economic sanctions are mainly used to punish nations for disobeying international law.

What is economic sanction?

Sanctions aim to force the punished nations to change their behaviour or policies on a certain issue, by limiting their ability to trade or impose trade restriction on the country involved.

Hence, economic sanctions are mainly used to punish nations for disobeying international law.

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Found this on google, "National governments and international bodies such as the United Nations and European Union have imposed economic sanctions to coerce, deter, punish, or shame entities that endanger their interests or violate international norms of behavior."

Therefore the answer that i believe is the answer to your question is  Economic sanctions are mainly used to punish nations for disobeying international law. If i am wrong then I apologize.

Hope this helps, have a great day, have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

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New Orleans. Great Lakes Region, parts
of Canada


no it’s not part of canada

The International Red Cross is now working to get US POWs out of prison. headquartered in The Netherlands. merged with the Red Crescent. providing only humanitarian relief.


The International Red Cross is now merged with the Red Crescent. The International Red Cross is now attempting to free US POWs. The Red Crescent and the Red Cross have combined.

What do the International Red Cross do?

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been protecting and assisting victims of armed conflict since 1863, as well as promoting awareness and respect for international humanitarian law.

Conflicting parties could benefit from the assistance of a neutral humanitarian organization such as the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Thus, option C is correct.

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The answer is C.


I just took the test