People who gain an understanding for the deep-level diversity among their coworkers do so after_______ interactions, often leading to an increased degree of___________.


Answer 1


individual ; productivity


Diversity may be defined as the characteristics of a person which are non-observable like attitudes, emotions, values, and also beliefs including religion.

Deep level diversity means those diversities that are deep level and can be revealed or concealed at discretion.

It is found that people who understands and know the deep level diversity of their coworkers help them to understand better each other and this often leads to better coordination and increase in productivity of work.

People when they interact individually get a better change to know each other more and also understands each other's deep level diversity.

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Some Iraqis have been resistant to a democratic government, seeing it as imposed on them by the U.S. In other words, they see the U.S. as which of these?


Question Options:

A. Cultural war

B. Cultural imperialism

C. Cultural relativism

D. Cultural diffusion


Explanation: Cultural imperialism also known as Cultural colonialism can be defined as the practice of imposing the culture of one country on another, by means of force or otherwise.

It usually involves favouring the policies of a more politically stronger nation upon a less stronger nation. The Iraqis are resistant to a democratic government because they feel it is as a result of Cultural imperialism that it is been practiced in their country.

Final answer:

Some Iraqis view the U.S. as an imposer of a foreign system of governance, due to the United States' political and military interventions in the country's affairs. This situation was made worse by the violent conflicts that arose from interventions, causing some Iraqis to prefer stability of traditional or theocratic rule over democratic governance.


In summary, some Iraqis see the U.S. as an imposer of a foreign system of governance, considering the democratic government in Iraq as a structure forced upon them by the U.S. These perceptions stem from a complex history that involves the U.S. intervention in Iraq's internal and regional politics.

There were instances where the U.S. provided support to the Iraqi government during the Iran-Iraq war, but later instigated military actions against it during the Gulf War and the Iraq war in 2003. However, the American intervention and influence were not well-received by certain segments of Iraqi society.

Iraq is diverse in terms of sects and groups each having its distinct views on governance varying from democracy to authoritative or even theocratic forms. Some Iraqis preferred traditional or theocratic rule that offers stability over the often unpredictable nature of democratic governance.

Additionally, general resentment grew against the U.S. due to the violence, destruction, and disruption the wars had caused. The attempted imposition of a democratic system, in the end, was met with resistance by those who viewed it as a violation of their national sovereignty and cultural norms.

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The leader of the student organization argues that we must have more student participation in the administration's decision-making processes. But if her suggestion is implemented, then the next thing you know, the students will be running the school. Teachers and administrators will have no authority, and the school will no longer be a place of learning. Total chaos will ensue. We must reject the student organization's argument. Does it commit a fallacy? Does it commit a red herring fallacy?


Answer: This has committed a RED HERRING FALLACY, because the students to be running the school and taking over the authorities of the teachers are not part of the argument, which was to involve the student in decision making of the school.


Red herring is a kind of fallacy that tends to the change the structure of an argument with an irrelevant topic, so as to divert the attention of the listeners from the main argument. This type of fallacy often tend to mislead listeners to make a wrong conclusion.

Involving the student in the decision making of the school is a good argument, but the red herring fallacy which is seen has tend to divert the attention of the listeners to an irrelevant topic that is not part of the argument.

"if her suggestion is implemented, then the next thing you know, the students will be running the school. Teachers and administrators will have no authority, and the school will no longer be a place of learning. Total chaos will ensue. We must reject the student organization's argument".

To prepare for the Los Voladores dance, the men go into the woods to find a tall straight tree, strip it of its branches and drag it to the center of the town where the ritual is presented. They loop the pole with vines to make it easy for the dancers to climb, they secure a platform and a wooden outrigging with ropes wound around the pole and then they erect the pole in a pit anchored by rocks.a. True
b. False


They loop the trees with poles and wines to make it easy for the climbers. The answer is true.

What is the dance of the Los Volandes ?

The preparation of the dance of the  Los Volandes the men go in woods and find a tall trees that is a right tree and strip it of the branch's and drag it to their town where the ritual is present.

As the Danza of Voladores is a type of  ritual of a immense theological and a  ceremonial meaning derived from either the state of Mexico city Veracruz.

At the end of the day, the activity extended through Mexico including across the Nicaragua.

Find out more information about the Los Voladores dance.


The given scenario is "True".


  • The Danza de Los Voladores seems to be a rite of immense theological as well as ceremonial meaning derived from either the state of Mexico city Veracruz. At either the end of the day, the activity extended through Mexico including across to Nicaragua.
  • It was among the most dramatic moments again for the crowd, when he demonstrates his dance balanced at just the top of either a peak without even a brace or safety. The base is beginning to spin, as well as the four voladores are starting to roll off again and start to rotate the pole counterclockwise.

Do you think that white collar crimes is a problem in society? Why or why not? What do you think should be done to reduce white collar crimes?please help!​



Yes, white collar crimes are a problem in society.


  • White collar crimes are a major problem to the society as it increases corruption and inefficiency in the society. A large portion of the society are victims of white collar crimes as those who involve in such crimes use and siphon funds and opportunity for their own personal purposes.
  • Most of these crimes involve amassing public funds, embezzlement, fraud, bribery, etc by the higher authorities or those in higher positions.
  • In order to reduce such crimes, the public should be vigilant and should demand for transparency in the public offices and businesses. It is important to implement an efficient prosecuting machinery in each district and state to prevent and punish every white collar criminals.
  • The most effective way tor reduce white collar crimes would be recruiting or employing accountable individuals with proficient qualities so that they would not engage in such crimes but instead work for the common good and development of all.

Final answer:

White collar crimes are a problem due to their significant financial, societal and institutional consequences. Reducing these crimes requires stronger regulations, stricter penalties and resource-infused legal systems.


White collar crimes, broadly defined as non-violent crimes committed by individuals or organizations in business environments, are indeed a problem in society. The main reason for this is that white collar crimes often involve deception, fraud, or breach of trust and can result in significant financial loss for individuals, companies, and even countries. Moreover, these crimes can have wider societal impacts, eroding trust in institutions and causing social harm.

In terms of what can be done to reduce white collar crimes, several strategies can be effective. First, there needs to be stronger and more detailed regulation of business and financial practices to prevent fraudulent activities. Second, enforcing stricter penalties for those convicted of white collar crimes can act as a deterrent. Finally, there is a need to invest more in law enforcement agencies and legal systems to ensure they have the resources to detect and prosecute these crimes effectively.

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Shahid was in a serious automobile accident on a snowy evening last winter that caused him to feel anxious every time it snowed and he had to get behind the wheel. after a few months, shahid s fear of driving in the snow disappeared. to shahid s surprise, the first snowfall of the next year once again brought back his fear of driving in the snow. the return of shahid s fear can best be described by the behavioral concept of _


The correct answer is spontaneous recovery

Spontaneous recovery (SR) refers to a concept from Pavlov's theory of classical conditioning. SR is defined as a phenomenon in which a previously extinguished learned or conditioned response reemerges after a delay. In this instance, Shahid's conditioned fear response when he was driving in the snow was extinguished, but then reemerged a year later through the process of spontaneous recovery.

Who created the rules that would keep new citizens "productive and on an equal footing"?A.King George 11
B.the legislature
C.the trustees
D.James Oglethorpe


A. King George 11 created that rule

Final answer:

The rules keeping new citizens productive and on equal footing were established by James Oglethorpe and his group of Trustees for the colony of Georgia in the 1730s


The 'rules that would keep new citizens productive and on an equal footing' refer to the rules that were established for the English colony of Georgia in the 1730s. These rules were established by James Oglethorpe, who was a British soldier, Member of Parliament, and philanthropist. Together with a group of like-minded associates referred to as the Trustees, he set up the colony of Georgia as a place where those deemed 'worthy poor' in England could start anew. The rules were designed to limit the accumulation of wealth and prevent social division, for example, by banning slavery and large land grants. However, these rules were significantly relaxed over time, due in large part to the settlers' resistance.

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