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Answer 1

Answer:the last one

Step-by-step explanation:

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Find the difference.-7 - (-9)
Suppose that P dollars in principal is invested for t years at the given interest rates with continuous compounding. Determine the amount that the investment is worth at the end of the given time period.=P$10,000, =t112 yr(a) 1% interest(b) 4% interest(c) 4.5% interest
Use the product rule to find the derivative. 3) f(x)=(3x-3)(5x+ 1)
An automobile manufacturer would like to know what proportion of its customers are dissatisfied with the service received from their local dealer. The customer relations department will survey a random sample of customers and compute a 95% confidence interval for the proportion that are dissatisfied. From past studies, they believe that this proportion will be about 0.28. Find the sample size needed if the margin of error of the confidence interval is to be no more than 0.02. (Round your answer up to the nearest whole number.)
The perimeter of a rectangle is twice the sum of its length and it’s width . The perimeter is 22 meters and I it’s length is 2 meters more then twice it’s width. What’s its length?

Which number's estimate written as a single digit times a power of 10 will have a negative exponent?


105 i hope this helps if not then i’m sorry

Find the real value of x,y if



It sounds like x,y are supposed to be real numbers. If so, then we can do the following.


Multiply the second term's numerator and denominator by the conjugate of the denominator:




Since the left hand side is equal to 1, this means it has no imaginary part, so that y=0. Then the real parts of both sides of the equation give us

(x+1)/(x^2)=1\implies x+1=x^2\implies x^2-x-1=0\implies x=\frac{1\pm\sqrt5}2

13. The volume of a gas is inversely proportional to the pressure of the gas. If a balloon is filled with 210 cubic inches of a gas at a pressure of 14 pounds per square inch, find the new pressure of the gas if the volume is decreased to 70 cubic inches.



4.67 pounds

Step-by-step explanation:

In order to find the answer we need to use the following formula:

V=k/P where:


P=pressure of the gas

k= constant of proportionality

The above equation establishes that the volume is inversely proportional to the pressure of the gas.

Now, the problem gave us two situations, which are:

For a time 1, we have V1=210 cubic inches and P1=14 pounds, using the equation we have:


210 cubic inches=k*(14 pounds) which can be written as:

(210 cubic inches)/(14 pounds)=k

For time 2, we have V2=70 cubic inches and P2=P2 using the equation we have:


70 cubic inches=k*P2, using 'k-value' from above:

(70 cubic inches)=[(210 cubic inches)/(14 pounds)]*P2

(70 cubic inches)*(14 pounds)/(210 cubic inches)=P2

4.67 pounds = P2

A is 30% of b. b is 90% of c. what % of c is a


A = 30% of B = 0.3B
B = 90% of C = 0.9C

A = 0.3(0.9C) = 0.27C = 27% of C

the width of a rectangle is fixed at 8ft. what lengths will make the perimeter at least 200 ft at most 200


 it will be 2(1+8)<=200

Mikey bikes 12 miles in 2 hours. How many miles does Mikey bike in an hour?


The answer is 6 hours


6 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

2 hours can be made into 1 hour by dividing by 2. In order to keep the ratio, you also have to divide the miles by 2, giving you 6.