_______________ was the first country that Christopher Columbus approached about funding his trip to find a path to the West Indies.a.


Answer 1


answer is spain

hope this helps u

Answer 2
Answer: the answer is B (Spain)

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Select ALL of those people that were targets of Booth's conspiracy on April 14, 1865.Question 6 options:General Ulysses S GrantSecretary of State William SewardSecretary of War Edwin StantonGeneral Philip SheridanVice President Andrew JohnsonPresident Abraham LincolnGeneral William Tecumseh ShermanSecretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase
What impact did the Reformation have on the religious geography of the Americas?
How ancient Egyptians felt about the bodies and belongings of their dead pharaohs
What key factors led to the american victory at saratoga
What was an unintended effect of the sinking of the Lusitania?

Which Iranian religious leader led an uprising against Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in 1963 and took control of Iran in 1979? A. Ayatollah Khomeini B. Mohammad Mossadeq C. Saddam Hussein D. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


A: Ayatollah Khomeini

I think

After a bill is introduced by a lawmaker, it goes directly to both houses for a vote. True or False?





it goes to the both house than the judicial branch



A force is a push or pull described by its?


Force is a push or a pull. An unbalanced force causes an object to accelerate. The direction of a force is just as important as its size.
A force is described by its direction in which it acts and its strength Strength of force.

Which group would like to protect culture and language by declaring independence? A the members of the Zapatista guerrilla movement B the members of the European Union C citizens of Quebec D citizens of Australia


The answer is d .................

Final answer:

The group most likely to desire independence to protect culture and language is C. citizens of Quebec. They have a unique French-derived culture and language, which has driven some within Quebec to strive for sovereignty.


The group most likely to want to protect their culture and language by declaring independence is C. citizens of Quebec. In the province of Quebec, Canada, there is a strong sense of cultural and linguistic identity around the French language and culture inhered in the area. Some factions have called for independence in an attempt to preserve linguistic and cultural identification. For example, the Parti Québécois is a political party that advocates for Quebec sovereignty.

This stands in contrast to the other options given. The Zapatista guerrilla movement is focused on rights for indigenous peoples and peasants in Mexico, the European Union is a political union aimed at creating unity among a diverse group of countries, and the citizens of Australia typically advocate for federal unity rather than state-specific independence.

Learn more about Quebec Independence here:



How did many southern whites view Reconstruction? A. They welcomed Northerners as long lost friends. B. They felt that Northerners had saved the South from ruin. C. They hated being occupied and controlled by Northerners. D. They saw Northerners as new customers and clients


C) They hated being occupied and controlled by the Northerners 

they had just emancipated the slaves the main source of finance and a way of life for the white southerner
C medal plz would apreciate

What event most caused Americans to fear the Soviet Union


The Red Scare.............

the red scare caused the americans to fear the soviet union