An electronics store has a current inventory of 50 stereo systems. The lowest priced stereo system in the store sells for $800, The lowest priced stereo system in the store sells for 800 dollars, and the highest priced stereo system sells for $3000. and the highest priced stereo system sells for 3000 dollars. Which of the following is the maximum amount of $3000 systems on hand Which of the following is the maximum amount of 3000 dollar systems on hand if the current inventory totals $111,000?The answer is 32, I need an explanation how to find the answer.


Answer 1
Answer: B) 32


let H = number of expensive high price stereo


let L = number of less expensive low price

stereo systems

H +L = 50 =

3,000H + 80OL = 110,000

H = 50 - L (now replace)

3,000 (50 - L) + 800 L = 110,00

150,000 - 3,000L + 800L = 110,000

150,000 - 110,000 = 3,000L - 800L =

40,000 = 2,2OOL

L = 40,000 / 2,200 = 18.18 = 18 lower priced = =

stereo systems H = 50 - 18 = 32 higher priced stereo systems



(3,000 x 32) + (800 x 18) = 96,000 + 14,400 = 110,400

Even though the answer is not exact, if you had 33 high cost stereo systems, your inventory's cost = $112,600 which is $1,600 off

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