Find the equation of the line through point (4,-7) and parallel to y =-2/3x + 3/2


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

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i think 15

Step-by-step explanation:


My computer can download a movie in 5 hours. If I install an extra processor it can download the movie in 4 hours. How long, working alone, would it have taken the new extra processor to download the movie?Pls try to help within 10-20 min I really need it!!!!!!


Answer: 20 hours



We have two workers, more or less. Worker A gets the job done in 5 hours. Worker B comes along to help. If A and B work together, they get the job done in 4 hours. This assumes neither worker hinders the other.

Worker A's rate is 1/5 of a job per hour. In other words, after 1 hour, 1/5 of the job is done.

The combined rate is 1/4 for similar reasoning

Worker B's rate is 1/x where x represents how long it takes worker B to get the job done on its own.

The equation to solve is

1/5 + 1/x = 1/4

Note how 1/5 and 1/x represents the sum of the individual rates to get the combined rate 1/4

To solve this equation, it helps to clear out the fractions. Multiply every term by the LCD 20x

20x(1/5 + 1/x) = 20x(1/4)

20x(1/5) + 20x(1/x) = 20x(1/4)

4x + 20 = 5x

From here you can probably see solving this is relatively easy

4x+20 = 5x

20 = 5x-4x

20 = x

x = 20

Therefore, it will take 20 hours for worker B to get the job done on its own.

Going back to the processing context, it takes 20 hours for the new processor to download the movie. This is where the new processor is working alone without help from the original processor.


Side note: downloading a movie really depends on internet speed rather than processor speed.

If quadrilateral PQRS is an isoceles trapezoid if RP=12 then SQ= ?


The question is missing parts. Here is the complete question.

Quadrilateral PQRS (shown below) is an isosceles trapezoid. If RP = 12, then SQ = ?

Answer: SQ = 12

Step-by-step explanation: A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with two opposite parallel sides, called bases. The trapezoid is an isosceles trapezoid when the non-parallel sides have the same length.

One property of isosceles trapezoid is that its diagonals are congruent, i.e., have the same length.

In the picture, segment RP is one of the trapezoid's diagonal. It is asking the measure of SQ, which is the other diagonal. So:


SQ = 12

Segment SQ of isosceles trapezoid PQRS is 12 units.


if quadrilateral PQRS is an isosceles trapezoid if RP=12 then SQ= 12

Step-by-step explanation:

Ashley, Milan, and Carlos sent a total of 131 text messages over their cell phones during the weekend. Carlos sent 7 times as many messages as Ashley. Ashley sent 4 more messages than Milan. How many messages did they each send?



Ashley= 15

Milan= 11

Carlos= 105

Step-by-step explanation:

Let, A, M and C denotes Ashley, Milan and Carlos respectively.

A+M+C= 131 (according to the question)


C= 7A

A= M+ 4

So, M= A - 4


A+M+C = 131

or, A+ A-4+ 7A = 131 (putting the values)

or, 9A - 4 = 131 (adding like terms i.e. A + A + 7A)

or, 9A = 131 + 4

or, 9A = 135

or, A = 135 / 9

So, A = 15

C= 7A = 7×15= 105

M= A-4 = 15 - 4 = 11

8.1 Recognising and describing 2D shapes and solids Two pairs of opposite angles equal the name of each 2D shape that is described. rent lengths' One pair of opposite angles equal All angles 90° 8. TH It Two pairs of parallel sides ✓ One pair of parallel sides Two pairs of equal sides ✓ Four equal sides Quadrilateral Square Rectangle Parallelogram Rhombus Kite Trapezium Exercise 8.1 1 Copy and complete the table to show a description of the 2D quadrilaterals. The parallelogram has been done for you.​



Hopefully this graph helps you!

Here is the completed table showing the description of 2D quadrilaterals:

Quadrilateral Two pairs of opposite angles equal One pair of opposite angles equal Two pairs of parallel sides One pair of parallel sides Two pairs of equal sides All angles 90°
Square ✓ ✓ ✓
Rectangle ✓ ✓ ✓
Parallelogram ✓ ✓
Rhombus ✓
Trapezium ✓ ✓
Note: "Trapezium" is the British English term for what is called a "trapezoid" in American English.

Solve this problem and identify the percent amount and base. what percent of 50 is 20?


I hope this helps you