In a well-developed paragraph, assess the economic impact of Islamic trade networks in India, Asia, and Europe. Include examples of goods traded, and provide a realistic scenario that is specific to Islamic culture as an example of your assessment.


Answer 1

The Sub-Saharan Islamic trade had been one of the reasons why some of the Middle East Asian countries prosper. The Islamic Trade Network did not only influence people to join the Islam belief but they were able to share different ideas, culture, and tradition among the nations like Asia, Europe and Egypt.

Answer 2

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The Abbasid Empire had thriving trade routes. They had trade routes between Europe and Asia. They also had trade routes across the Arabian Peninsula and trade routes to eastern Africa and to the Arabian Sea. The Muslim traders saw their chance to trade and spread their faith. The Muslims traded spices, incense, silks, linen, and livestock. This brought economic stability and prosperity.

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