Parallel lines have the same....A) Equation
B) y - intercept
C) X - intercept
D) slope


Answer 1
Answer: The answer is D. They have the same slope.

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Rounding (3.762) to the nearest tenths place is
In year 3 it is expected that the total value of clothing sales will reach 32 million if the total value of ASCO sells Remains the Same as year 2what percentage of sales clothing account for in year three
Mike won 7 of his wrestling matches, lost 6 matches, and tied 2 matches. What percent of all of Mike's matches did he win?
A manufacturer claims that only 1% of their computers are defective, but in a sample of 600 3% were found to be defective. If the 1% claim were true there would be less than 1 chance in 1000 of getting this number of defects in the sample. Is there statistically significant evidence against the manufacturer's claim? Why or why not?No, because the difference between a 1% and a 3% defect rate is insignificant. Yes, because the source of the data was unbiased. Yes, because the results are unlikely to occur by chance. No, because the sample size was too small to reach a conclusion.
ABCD~LMNO Find the value of MN if AB=12cm, BC=9.6cm and LM= 16cmA) 13cmB) 7.2cmC) 12.8cmD) 13.6cm

Select the scenario below that demonstrates sampling bias. Select the correct answer below: a) Justin wants to estimate the ethnic background distribution of residents of his town. He collects data from 1000 randomly selected town residents by using a random number generator.
b) To estimate the mean salary of professors at her university, Patricia collects data by recording the salaries of all professors included in 12 randomly selected departments.
c) Elizabeth wants to estimate the mean height of students at her school. She collects data by selecting a random group of students within her classroom.
d) To estimate the mean grade point average of students at her school, Annie collects data by recording the grade point average of every 25th student on the list of students after randomly selecting first student.



(C) Elizabeth wants to estimate the mean height of students at her school. She collects data by selecting a random group of students within her classroom.

Step-by-step explanation:

In option C, the sample is an example of convenience sampling, It is not representative of the population of student being studied.

Convenience sampling is a type of non-probability sampling method in which the sample is taken from the part of the population easy to reach.  

The sample are not chosen at random thereby undermining the ability to generalize the results from the sample to the entire population under study.

Integral rational trigonometric ​


Substitute x = 3 - 2 cos(θ) and dx = 2 sin(θ) dθ (where "sin" = "sen"). So we have

∫ sin(θ) / (3 - 2 cos(θ)) dθ = 1/2 ∫ 1/x dx

= 1/2 ln|x| + C

= 1/2 ln(3 - 2 cos(θ)) + C

(We can remove the absolute value because -1 ≤ cos(θ) ≤ 1, so 1 ≤ 3 - 2 cos(θ) ≤ 5, and |x| = x when x ≥ 0.)

For a certain manufacturer, only ⅘ of the items produced are not defective.If 2,000 items are manufactured in a month, how many are not defective?


To find the number of non-defective chips, we simply use this equation:
2,000 * 4/5
Now you simply divide:
1600 chips aren't defective

Can i have a teeny bit help? This is what i have so far.



I feel like you are mistaken on the first question...

6 plus 27 equals 33.

33 equals 100 percent.

What is 6 over 33? 0,18.

What's 27 over 33? 0,82.

Therefore, 19 plus 12 equals 31.

19 divided by 31 equals 0,61.

12 over 31 equals 0,39.

For each boat he sells, Mick earns $149 in addition to 2% of the purchase price of the boatas commission. How much will Mick earn for a boat that was purchased at $65,000?



c = 149 + 0.02p

Step-by-step explanation:

A rectangle with an area of 324 square meters has a length and width in a ratio of 4:1. What are the length and width?


Here, 4x * x = 324
Now, we need to calculate that unit of x value as follows:
4x * x = 324
4x² = 324
x² = 324/4
x² = 81
x = √81
x = 9
So, 4x = 4(9) = 36

So, dimensions of rectangle would be: 36 × 9

Hope this helps!