"Write an SQL query that displays the Ssn and Last name of all employees who is a supervisor of a Department Manager"


Answer 1




 FROM employees

WHERE position = supervisor;


SELECT is an SQL query statement that is used to initiate the display of wanted variables.

The names of the variables often succeed the SELECT statement and they are separated by commas.

FROM is an SQL query statement that indicates the table fro which the selected variables be displayed.

WHERE is used to filter your search and return only rows that meet the criteria.

; signifies the end of a query and calls for an execution.

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Write a function in Matlab which takes as input an integer x and as output returns the biggest prime number that is less than or equal to x. For example, if the input is 7, the output would be 7. If the input is 40, the output would be 37. (Reminder: isprime.)




The objective is to write a Matlab function getPrime()


function prime = getPrime(x) %function definition for getPrime which receives x as input and returns prime.

   while (x >= 1) % loop until x is zero.

       if isprime(x) % matlab built-in function to check if x is a prime number.

           prime = x; % assign x to prime.

           break % break out of loop. we got the prime number value in variable prime.


       x = x - 1; % when x is not prime, x is decremented by 1 and loop continues.



prime = getPrime(12); % passes 12 to function.

disp(prime) % display value in prime. 11 is the output since it is the biggest prime number below 12.

Write a C++ program which accepts the quantity of a product purchased and prints the amount to be paid by the customer.​



firstly the exel program is very useful to costumer or to calculate by Microsoft. People use it to company or office. It works for make good commination

You use utility software to_____. Select all that apply.A play video games
B reformat a hard disk drive
C manage fonts on a computer
D write and edit documents


You use utility software to:

  • Reformat a hard disk drive.
  • Manage fonts on a computer.

What are utility software used for?

Utility software are known to be a kind of software that is often used to  configure and maintain any system.

Conclusively, Note that this software is made up of  small programs which can be used to  Reformat a hard disk drive and also to Manage fonts on a computer.

Learn more about  utility software from


Utility software is system software designed to help analyze, configure, optimize or maintain a computer. Utility software usually focuses on how the computer infrastructure (including the computer hardware, operating system, software and data storage) operates.

Communicators do not have an ethical responsibility to share information that other people require to make informed decisions.True/False





A communicator is an individual who is obligated to clearly present information to an audience. There are two set of quality a communicator must have to win the trust of the audience, they are, the communicator must be prepared and ethical.

A prepared communicator must learn to organise his oral or written skills, must articulate very word and meaning of expression (clear) and a information must be brief and meaningful.

An ethical communicator must be impartial, trustworthy, respectful and must practice the golden rule. The information they give should help in making proper decisions to situations.

Make a program that asks for input from the user, apply eval to this input, and print out the type of the resulting object and its value. Test the program by providing five types of input: an integer, a real number, a complex number, a list, and a tuple.



x = input("Input a number ")


print ("Type is:",type(x))

#Taking an float input

y = input("Input a number ")


print ("Type is:",type(y))

#Taking an complex input

z = complex(input("Input a number "))


print ("Type is:",type(z))

#Taking an List input

L_num = raw_input().split(",")


print ("Type is:",type(L_num))

#Taking an tuple input.

T_num = raw_input().split(",")


print ("Type is:",type(T_num))


Hardware Name:Description:
1. Motherboard

2. Power Supply

3. CPU (Central Processing Unit)

4. Random Access Memory (RAM)

5. Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive

6. Video Card

7. Optical Drives

8. Input and Output Devices



I think 2.power supply yaar