Amendments 15, 19, and 26 all deal with suffrage. Suffrage is


Answer 1
Answer: The right to vote in political elections. 15 Prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on race, color, or previous condition of servitude. 19 Prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on sex. 26 Prohibits the denial of the right of US citizens, eighteen years of age or older, to vote on account of age. 

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Which of the following BEST describes a social contract as defined by Western philosophers in the 18th century?
Write a paragraph explaining how significant youthink the different events were in contributing to theHolocaust.
Our response to the Lord starts with making a list we need. True or false
1. What factors led to the French Revolution?
who was an eighteenth century french philosopher and writer who organized all knowledge in a massive collection called the encyclopedie A diderot B volatire C montesquieu D condorcet

On which continent did the ancient greeks establish settlements?


The Ancient Greeks established settlements on Europe.

How did children address their parents in colonial times?


With respect and as a superior to the child-- children were expected to use formal terms with their parents and all adults. 

The colonial relationship between parents and children was similar to the master-slave relationship. Children were expected to obey and serve their parents with complete respect. The idea of children being "seen not heard" is rooted in colonial thinking. Children owed their parents for their shelter and protection and paid for that debt through their labor until adulthood. 
the way that they address their parents in colonial times was : They addressed them as Mother, Father, Mister, or Madame.Actually , not only their parents, but the older people in general. Back then, calling someone that is older than you solely by their name was considered rude and unpolite, so people usually use that title as simple form of respect

ASAP!!! Please help got 46 questions!!!1Which describes a tactic that the Cherokee people used to keep their land in Georgia?

They formed a government, wrote a constitution, and adopted some white ways.

They lived as they always had and prayed that the whites would leave.

They marched to Washington, D.C., and attacked the White House.

They went to prison and staged a hunger strike rather than move.


Option(a) They formed a government, wrote a constitution, and adopted some white ways is correct.

The following describes the above statement:

  • The Cherokee's rapid acquisition of settler culture did not protest them against the land hunger of these emulated.
  • When gold was discovered on Cherokee land in Georgia, agitation for the removal of the tribe increased.
  • Cherokee was thus gathered into camps while their homes were plundered and burned by local Euro-American residents.

Hence, option(a) is the correct answer.

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the answer is A hope this helps :)

What was or is the legacy of classical greece and rome


At about 2000 b.c. the Greeks established city state and each city state had its own government and most Greeks built there farm lands on the fertile land on the edge of the rocky coast

Who commanded Hammurabi to create this monument


Shamash, the god and judge of heaven and earth, commanded Hammurabi to create this monument.

The Law Code Style, a monument that portrays Hammurabi as a model monarch of justice, was commissioned by the god Shamash.

The image of Hammurabi on the style depicts him receiving the rules from the sitting god Shamash, who is shown with lightning bolts emanating from his shoulders.

This highlights Hammurabi's status as a devout theocracy and implies that the rules themselves are inspired by the deity. The Louvre Museum in Paris presently holds King Hammurabi's Law Code Style.

As a result, the significance of the commanded Hammurabi to create this monument are the aforementioned.

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I believe it was 'Shamash,'

Which two trends in the 1990's were changes implemented by U.S. Business?A. Outsourcing services and insourcing production of goods.
B. Tariff and trade agreements with China
C. Outsourcing and offshoring the production of goods and services
D. Tariffs and trade agreements with the European Union.
I know for sure the answer isn't A because I got it wrong when I chose that answer


U.S business started to grow after the second half of 1991 and it continued for the next 10 years.

What were the changes implemented by US business?

  • Increasing employment, wage growth and faster investment.
  • Acceleration of productivity growth.
  • Trade Agreements with European Union
  • Outsourcing and offshoring of goods and services.

Thus, we can conclude that the correct answer would be Option C and D.

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 Outsourcing and offshoring the production of goods and services were two trends in the 1990's were changes implemented by U.S. Business.