Help pleasseeeeeeeeee 6. If Ai charges $3.25 per serving of ice cream, how much will she make if she sells it to 12½ people (children under 5 get half scoops for half the amount, which is why there is a
half person).


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

that's the answer I got

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What is the answer too 4(2x+1)
A police officer claims that the proportion of accidents that occur in the daytime (versus nighttime) at a certain intersection is 35%. To test this claim, a random sample of 500 accidents at this intersection was examined from police records it is determined that 156 accidents occurred in the daytime. The following is the setup for this hypothesis test: {H0:p=0.35Ha:p≠0.35 Find the test statistic for this hypothesis test for a proportion. Round your answer to 2 decimal places. Provide your answer below:
1If x -1/x = 4 then the value of x3+1/x3​
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Suppose that salaries for recent graduates of one university have a mean of $26,400$ 26,400 with a standard deviation of $1200$ 1200. Using Chebyshev's Theorem, what is the minimum percentage of recent graduates who have salaries between $22,800$ 22,800 and $30,000$ 30,000? Round your answer to one decimal place.

1. A cab driver charges a flat rate of $7 for the first mile driven and $2 for every mile after that. If thecost of the cab ride is modeled by the expression 7 + 2(x - 1). What does (x - 1) represent?



The number of miles driven after

Step-by-step explanation:

is how much they charge flat out

2 dollars for each mile after the first

x-1 tells you how many miles they have driven after the first

What is the upper quartile of 36 ,73,28,36,80,50


Put the numbers in order

28, 36, 36, 50, 73, 80
|. |. |
The upper quartile is 73

the upper quartile is 80

Through the points (1/2 , 3/4) and (-1/3 , 5/4).Question 2
Find, if possible, the slope of the line through the points (2 , 5) and (-4 , 5)




Step-by-step explanation:





Can someone help me with this please?


let's see what to do...

Figure A is scaled image of Figure B.

So Figure A must be made in a proportion of Figure B.

We should find the ratio:

to find the ratio we have to use the same known sides.

ratio =  (5)/(2)  \n

Also we have :

ratio =  (12.5)/(x)  \n

So we have :

(5)/(2) =  (12.5)/(x) \n

Multiply the sides by 2x :

5 \: x = 25 \n x = 5

And we're done.

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If;= V-1, what is the value of ; i3?




A. -1

Step-by-step explanation:

hope this helps

its i


Use the binomial theorem to expand the expression :(3x + y)^5 and simplify.
(b) find the middle term in the expansion of
(1/x+√x)^4 and simplify your unswer.
(c) determine the coefficient of x^11 in the expansion of (x^2 +1/x)^10, simplify your answer.



a) (3x+y)^5=243x^5+405x^4y+270x^3y^2+90x^2y^3+15xy^4+y^5.

b) The middle term in the expansion is (6)/(x).

c) The coefficient of x^(11) is 120.

Step-by-step explanation:

Remember that the binomial theorem say that (x+y)^n=\sum_(k=0)^(n) \binom{n}{k}x^(n-k)y^(k)

a) (3x+y)^5=\sum_(k=0)^5\binom{5}{k}3^(n-k)x^(n-k)y^k

Expanding we have that




b) The middle term in the expansion of ((1)/(x) +√(x))^4=\sum_(k=0)^(4)\binom{4}{k}(1)/(x^(4-k))x^{(k)/(2)} correspond to k=2. Then \binom{4}{2}(1)/(x^2)x^{(2)/(2)}=(6)/(x).

c) (x^2+(1)/(x))^(10)=\sum_(k=0)^(10)\binom{10}{k}x^(2(10-k))(1)/(x^k)=\sum_(k=0)^(10)\binom{10}{k}x^(20-2k)(1)/(x^k)=\sum_(k=0)^(10)\binom{10}{k}x^(20-3k)

Since we need that 11=20-3k, then k=3.

Then the coefficient of x^(11) is \binom{10}{3}=120