Dustin has only nickels and quarters in his piggy bank. He has 49 coins total for a combined value of $8.85. How many of each does he have . SHow your work


Answer 1
Answer: x-\ nickels\ny-\ quarters\n\n0,05x+0,25y=8,85\nx+y=49\ \ \ \ x=49-y\n\n\0,05(49-y)+0,25y=8,85\n2,45-0,05y+0,25y=8,85\n0,2y+2,45=8,85\ \ \ | subtract\ 2,45\n0,2y=6,4\ \ \ | divide\ by\ 0,2\ny=32\n\nx=49-32=17\n\nHe\ had\ 17\ nickels\ and\ 32\ quarters.

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How do I have to interpret the 2 in the next log?Is it the same as saying (logx)^2?

I need to calculate the derivative of this function but it will be difficult without even knowing what the 2 means lol.

Thnx in advance
log^2 x


It means you have to multiply log(x) by itself.

(d)/(dx)(log(x))^2 \n (d)/(d(log(x)))(log(x))^(2) * (d)/(dx)(log(x)) \n 2log(x) * (1)/(ln(10)x) \n (2log(x))/(ln(10)x)

What is 7 7/8- 31/4 simplified


7 7/8  = 63/ 8 ;
31/ 4 = 62/ 8 ;
63 / 8 - 62 / 8 = 1 / 8 .

True or false? The most common system of measurement for medication is the metric system.




Step-by-step explanation:

The metric system is used for most scientific and medical measurements and all pharmaceutical companies now use the metric system for labeling medications.

Final answer:

The most common system of measurement for medication is indeed the metric system, which is utilized globally for its precision and universality. Its units cater to fundamental attributes in medicine dosages, such as volume, length and weight.


True, the most common system of measurement for medication is the metric system. This system is utilized globally and, in the healthcare field, it's critical for measuring and administering medications due to its precision and universality. The metric system's units of meters, liters, and grams cater to volume, length and weight - all fundamental attributes in medication dosages. If we take an example, a physician may prescribe 500 milligrams (mg) of a particular drug, where the milligram is a common metric unit used to denote mass.

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O is the center of the circle. Assume that lines that appear to be tangent are tangent. What is the value of x?




Step-by-step explanation:

Given that, O is the center of the circle and PQ is a tangent to the circle at point Q. OQ is a radius of the circle.

We know that, a tangent to a circle is a line which just touches the circle. And the angle between the tangent and radius is 90°.

Hence, ΔOQP is a right angle triangle. We know that the sum of the measurements of all the 3 angles of a triangle leads to 180°. So,

\Rightarrow m\angle O+m\angle Q+m\angle P=180^(\circ)

\Rightarrow x^(\circ)+90^(\circ)+12^(\circ)=180^(\circ)

\Rightarrow x^(\circ)=180^(\circ)-90^(\circ)-12^(\circ)=78^(\circ)

Angle q is right angle so you would first do 12+90=102 then you would do 180-102=78 so x=78

Write y=2x^2+8x+5 in vertex form. Please


y=2x^2+8x+5\n y=2(x^2+4x+(5)/(2))\n y=2(x^2+4x+4-(3)/(2))\n y=2((x+2)^2-(3)/(2))\n y=2(x+2)^2-3

Completely factor and solve the expression 3x - 9y + 12


when factor 2 out of 3x-9z+12
you get 3(x-3y+4)