What was the battle cry of the colonists


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Answer: The battle cry so to speak of the colonists was the famous phrase "no taxation without representation." The colonists believed that they were being unjustly taxed by Britain and therefore had reason to revolt to overturn this injustice and others they felt were being imposed on them at the hands of Britain. 

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Now, we move on to Non-Life Insurance which is covers things apart from the things covered in Life Insurance. It is basically an insurance policy to protect an individual against losses and damages other than those covered by Life insurance.

How was the development of agriculture instrumental in the success of these civilizations?


To cut the long story short, there were some similarities between ancient Egyptian and Sumerian Civilizations. In term of geography feature, the two arose near the river thank to the agriculture and trade. The people of the both nation were polytheistic and born for serving the gods and goddesses.

The Sumerians and the Egyptians were both great civilizations that flourished in antiquity around the same time and were among the first nomadic groups to settle in the one place '“ the cradle of civilization. ... Ancient Egyptian society had taken shape on the nutrient rich banks of the Nile River.

I think they had some similarb

How was Emperor Qin protective to his people?


They believed that part of strengthening his rule was to force everyone to simply obey and not speak out against him and by decreeing even how people could write, what they could believe, and what they should do. He succeeded in molding the people to become more similar, to build massively, and to conquer  more territory, but people grew to hate him and he became paranoid about assassination and death, and his family and court ended in killings and death. 

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What are the five characteristics of a mineral


Answer: natural occuring, inorganic, has a crystal structure, solid, and a definite chemical composistion.


Final answer:

A mineral has five distinctive characteristics: a crystalline structure, inorganic origin, it's always solid, has a specific chemical composition, and has specific physical properties.


The five characteristics of a mineral are:

  1. Crystalline Structure: Minerals are formed by natural processes and have a unique and specific crystalline structure.
  2. Inorganic: Minerals are not alive and do not come from living things. They are naturally occurring inorganic substances.
  3. Solid: Minerals are always solid and have a definite volume and shape.
  4. Chemical Composition: Every mineral has a specific chemical composition, it might consist of one element or a combination of different elements.
  5. Specific Physical Properties: Minerals have definite physical properties like hardness, luster, color etc.

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How did the Frech Revolution begin?


the french revolution began in 1739-1799

Answer: rioters stormed the Bastille fortress in an attempt to secure gunpowder and weapons

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1. How might reading a series of proverbs affect people?


It can change the view someone view multiple possible experiences. Most proverbs are from Solomon and his experiences, so his explanation can affect someone's mindset.