Name some ways in which whales differ from fishes


Answer 1
Answer: They are mammals, they breath air, and usually they are larger.
Answer 2
Answer: Whales breath air, they're a mammal, and they are larger than fish.

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Plaz Anwser
Adverb modify


The answer is D. The word ran is an adverb

1) escribe el imperativo familiar, singular, para este verbos:decir, bailar, abrir, poner, tener, hablar, comer.



decir --->di

bailar ---> baila

abrir---> abre

poner --->pon

tener --->ten

hablar --->habla

comer --->come


En castellano, el imperativo familiar singular es formado con la tercera persona en singular y el verbo conjugado en tiempo presente modo indicativo.

Esto lo diferencia del imperativo formal singular, donde se usa la tercera persona en singular (formal) Usted.

Entonces, el imperativo familiar singular para los siguientes verbos es:

decir ---> di (Tú)

bailar ---> baila (Tú)

abrir---> abre (Tú)

poner --->pon (Tú)

tener --->ten (Tú)

hablar --->habla (Tú)

comer --->come (Tú)

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Who know Turkish 'Hello' ?


Hello . . . . . . . . . . merhaba
Good morning. . . gün aydın
Bye bye . . . . . . . güle güle

(Çok teşekür ederim)

0 Zero — sıfır

1 One — bir

2 Two – iki

3 Three — üç

4 Four — dört

5 Five — beş

6 Six — altı

7 Seven — yedi

8 eight — sekiz

9 nine — dokuz

10 ten — on