What is greater 8/9 or 11/12


Answer 1
Answer: 11/12 because 11 divided by 12 is 0.9166667 and 8 divided by 9 is 0.8889

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If a bag of chips cost $1 how much change do they give you back


Really just depends on how much you give them. For example, if you give them $4 you will get $3 in change.
it depends how much you give them so if you give them 10 dollars 9 dollars in change if you give them 5 dollars 4 dollars in change if you give them 2 dollars you get 1 dollar in change and if you give them a 1 dollar you get no change

Factor the polynomial 24x^4+4x^3+6x^2


Answer: 2x^2(12x^2+2x+3)

Find the greatest common factor which is 2x^2 and divided it by all the number.

If candace throws a dart at the board what is the probability that her dart is not in the circle


I'm assuming you mean the very middle circle and the chances of NOT hitting the middle circle are about 90%, but with some practice that number can drop

A soccer team scored 2 goals in the first half. If they won the game by a score of 2 goals to 1 goal, how many goals did they score in the second half. Commutative property, Associative property, or Identity prorerty


they did not score any goals in the second half. they already had the 2 goals and they ended with 2 goals.

29-3p+3=5(3p-8). 4(x+6)-7=x+35


If these are two separate questions then this is how you do it:
First the left one
29 - 3p + 3 = 5(3p - 8)
32 - 3p = 15p - 40
72 = 18p
72/18 = p
p = 4

Now the right one
4(x + 6) - 7 = x + 35
4x + 24 - 7 = x + 35
4x + 17 = x + 35
3x = 18
x = 6

Hope this helped you =)


(66=18p) / 18/18
P=11/3 or 3 2/3



/ 3/3

Which is true of point H at (3, –1)? A. Point H is above the x-axis. B. Point H is to the right of the y-axis. C. Point H is to the left of the y-axis. D. Point H is 3 units from the origin.


B. point H is to the right of y axis