A particular frozen yogurt has 75 cal into ounces how many calories are in 8 ounces of the yogurt


Answer 1
Answer: I'm guessing you mean 75 calories in 2 ounces. 
In that case... you would do
75 / 2 = 37.5
37.5 x 8 = 300 calories in 8 ounces of yogurt

Hope I helped!

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Isabel bought a new jacket for $48 before tax. She paid 6.5% in sales tax. How much was the sales tax?A)$2.68 B)$2.92 C)$3.12 D)$3.08
8y-10=-3y+2 what does that equal?
Pls help me solve pls show how you got the answer
A fair coin is tossed 5 times. What is the probability of obtaining exactly 3 heads.
A company with 10,000 employees would like to know whether their employees think that they are paid enough. Do you think asking the question to 200 employees from the same department is most representative of all the employees? Explain your reasoning.

Solve fast if you solve that I will give you brainly.a km, race Mr. A beats Mr. B by 70m. Mr. B beats Mr. C by 80m. By
how much does Mr. A beat Mr.C?​


Answer: 150m

Step-by-step explanation:

If mr A beats mr B by 70

and mr B beats Mr C by 80

you add up the 2 values and get 150


it wil be 150m

Step-by-step explanation:

mr.A=70m more than mr.B

mr.B=80m more than Mr.C


(A is more by B by 70 and B is more by C by 80 so here

Mr.A= 70+80

mr.A= 150

Here Mr.A beats Mr.c by 150 m

What is x+4/5=2/3- x-3/6


x+(4)/(5)=(2)/(3)-x-(\not3^1)/(\not6_2)\n\nx+(4)/(5)=(2)/(3)-x-(1)/(2)\n\nfind\ LCD((4)/(5);\ (2)/(3);\ (1)/(2))=2*3*5=30\n\nmultiply\ both\ sides\ by\ LCD=30\n\n30x+30\cdot(4)/(5)=30\cdot(2)/(3)-30x-30\cdot(1)/(2)\n\n30x+6\cdot4=10\cdot2-30x-15\cdot1\n\n30x+24=20-30x-15

30x+24=5-30x\ \ \ \ |subtract\ 24\ from\ both\ sides\n\n30x=-19-30x\ \ \ \ \ |add\ 30x\ to\ both\ sides\n\n60x=-19\ \ \ \ \ |divide\ both\ sides\ by\ 60\n\n\boxed{x=-(19)/(60)}

(x+4)/(5)=(2)/(3)-(x-3)/(6)\n\n(x+4)/(5)=(2\cdot2)/(3\cdot2)-(x-3)/(6)\n\n(x+4)/(5)=(4)/(6)-(x-3)/(6)\n\n(x+4)/(5)=(4-(x-3))/(6)\n\n(x+4)/(5)=(4-x+3)/(6)\n\n(x+4)/(5)=(7-x)/(6)\ \ \ \ |cross\ multiply

6(x+4)=5(7-x)\n\n6(x)+6(4)=5(7)-5(x)\n\n6x+24=35-5x\ \ \ \ \ |subtract\ 24\ from\ both\ sides\n\n6x=11-5x\ \ \ \ \ |add\ 5x\ to\ both\ sides\n\n11x=11\ \ \ \ \ |divide\ both\ sides\ by\ 11\n\n\boxed{x=1}

A prize was awarded to 40 women and 894 men.a. What fraction of the prize winners were​ women?
b. What fraction were​ men?
a. The fraction
nothing represents the prize winners that were women.


A. The fraction of the prize winners won by women is 40/934, but if you simplify, it's 20/467.
B. The fraction of the prize winners that were men is 894/934, but if you simplify, it's 447/467.

Find the coordinates for the midpoint of the segment with endpoints given. (5, 6) and (8, 2)


we first introduce midpoint formula
X1+X2 over 2;Y1+Y2 over 2
5+8 over 2 ; 6+2 over 2
x=13 over 2 ; Y=4
therefore midpoint=(13/4;4)

In forming a contract, the “meeting of the minds” is _____.


In forming  A contract, the meeting of minds is a mutal agreement.



Step-by-step explanation:

Please help if you know the answers!Choose the equation and the slope of the line that passes through (4, -2) and
is perpendicular to the x-axis,
A. Equation; x = 4
B. Equation; x = -2
C. Slope undefined
D. Slope: 0
E. Equation: y = 4
F. Equation: y = -2



Step-by-step explanation: