a baseball team has won 15 games and lost 12 games. Based on the results, which is the best prediction for the number of wins the team will have if they play162 games


Answer 1
Answer: 90
15 is 5/9 of 27... 90 is 5/9 of 162
Answer 2
Answer: games lost : games played --> games lost/games played

12/15 =?/162
 cross multiply and divide. --> 12 x 162/15 =129.6 
that means, they will lose about 130 games out of 162. therefore they will win about 32 games. 

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You figure it out lol

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  • 301.44 feet

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Formula for circumference:

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The radius given:

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The circumference is:

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For the first question, the answer would be B, that the meiosis in the sporophyte would cease and the reproductive cycle would stop in a drought. This is because many die off in a drought so reproducing is not as common.
Secondly, the next answer would be D, that the spores release from the gametophyte. This is because only females reproduce in these cases.

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x = 5

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3. -3x+5=-10




4.  -(-2 4/5) x 1 4/5

(-14/5) x 9/5

= -126/25