Is 4/9 greater than 1/3


Answer 1
Answer: 1. (1)/(3) = (1 * 3)/(3 * 3) = (3)/(9)
2. (3)/(9) < (4)/(9)
So, the answer is yes.
Answer 2
Answer: Yes
4/9= 0.4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
1/3= 0.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

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Just multiply 21 by 2. 
21 times 2 = 42

We have our results ....   42 / 2 = 21

If you just want some examples: 105/5=21,   63/3=21,    441/21=21

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Krystal made 8 quarts of soup on Monday,5 quarts of soup on Tuesday, and 5 quarts of soup on Wednesday. if she serves each guest 1 cup of soup, how many quest can she serve in all.



add all the quarts...


There are 18 quarts.

Now for 1 quart= 4 cups

So take 18*4=72

Thus, Krystal can serve 72 cups worth of soup to her guests.

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Step-by-step explanation:

You subtract 180 from 56 then add your answer, 124 to 20, then subtract 144 from 180 to get 36

Keisha read twice as many books as Ben read. Subtracting 4 from the number of books Keisha read and dividing by 2 gives the number of books Sheldon read. Sheldon read 10 books. How many books did Ben read? Show step by step answer


Ben read 12 books

Firstly you know how any books Sheldon read so to find out number of books Keisha read you go backwards to what they have mentioned.

You times number of books Sheldon has read by 2 then add 4 ( because it says subtract 4 and divide by 2).

(10x2) +4=24

Now we know Keisha has read 24 books and she has read twice as many as Ben therefore number of books Ben has read:


Ben has read 12 books
So Sheldon read 10 so multiply that by 2 (because your doing the opposite of it to find answer) so 2x10=20,
plus 4 =24
So Keisha read 24 books which is twice as many as Ben so divide that by 2 to get the number of books Ben read.
So 24 divided by 2 = 12
Ben read 12 books

NEED ANSWER ASAP!!A-1 Deli sells jugs of iced tea that they have marked up 150% above their wholesale cost of $0.80 per jug. They also charge sales tax of 9%. What is the total cost of a jug of iced tea from A-1 Deli?

1. $1.27
2. $1.31
3. $2.00
4. $2.18



Option 4: $2.18

Step-by-step explanation:

Lets first analyse our given information. We know that:

- Original Cost Per Jug: $0.80

- Mark Up cost: 150%

- Sales Tax: 9%

Now the Mark Up cost essentially means that the original price of any item has gone up (i.e. increased). So first let us find the Mark Up final cost of a $0.80 jug when price has increased by 150%, as follow:

0.80+0.80(150)/(100) =0.80 + 1.2=2

Thus the jug after the mark up now costs $2.

Now lets compute the sales tax on the final jug cost, thus the 9% Tax on $2 as follow:


So finally the total cost of a jug of iced tea from A-1 Deli is $2.18 dollars (i.e. Option 4).



Step-by-step explanation:

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