What is 3/8 in simplest form


Answer 1

The simplest form of 3/8 is 3/8 because the greatest commondivisor of 3 and 8 is 1.

To simplify the fraction 3/8, we need to find the greatest common divisor (GCD) of the numerator (3) and the denominator (8) and then divide both the numerator and denominator by the GCD.

The divisors of 3 are {1, 3}, and the divisors of 8 are {1, 2, 4, 8}.

The GCD of 3 and 8 is 1, as it is the largest number that divides both 3 and 8 without any remainder.

Dividing both 3 and 8 by the GCD (which is 1) doesn't change their values:

(3 ÷ 1) / (8 ÷ 1)

= 3/8

Since the GCD is 1, the fraction 3/8 is already in its simplest form.

Hence, the simplest form of 3/8 is 3/8.

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Answer 2
Answer: 3/8 is the simplest form. It cannot go any further because 8 divide by 3 equals a decimal. 

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