____ energy gets converted to ____ energy through photosynthesis.A.Radiant; chemical
B.Chemical; radiant
C.Radiant; mechanical
D.Chemical; mechanical


Answer 1
Answer: A, Radiant energy through photosynthesis turns into energy.
Answer 2
Answer: A:because the suns light is radiant and then it turns to chemical energy to make gluecose a simple sugar that's the plants food
the chemical formula for gluecose is

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The right answer is CO2.

The degradation of glucose is either by respiration or by fermentation. In breathing we have a release of CO2.

Respiration refers to both gaseous exchange resulting from inhalation and expiration of the air (CO2 carbon dioxide release and oxygen O2 absorption) and cellular respiration that allows, by degrading glucose through oxygen , to obtain energy.

Im pretty sure it's CO2 but I'm not positive...

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There are some organisms which are not classified in plants and animals kingdom because there are some animals which has the characteristics of both plants and animals. For example, a specific organism make their own food like plants and also move from one place to another like animals.

Characteristics of kingdom protists :

1) They are made of one cell.

2) They are eukaryotic cell.

3) Some are autotrophic and some are heterotrophic organisms.

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I believe that the answer is autotrophs

"autographs" is your answer!
this is Kai signing off, hope it helps

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D: The population will increase, but it will eventually decrease because the prairie dogs will eat all of the grass , which will cause for them to starve. I suggest going with d, hope this helps!
D, the population will increase

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