The $199.99 game console Amy purchased was on sale for 10% off. What amount did Amy get off the price?


Answer 1
Answer: 10\%\cdot199.99=\n\n0.1\cdot199.99=19.99\n\nShe\ get\ off\ \$19.99\

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Which linear equation below has the greatest slope?A. Y=2.8x-10 B. Y=(11/3)x+2C. Y=-9x+20D. Y=3x-5
No irrational numbers are whole numbers true or false
Anthony made a chicken dish for dinner. He added a 10 -oz package of vegetables and a 14- oz package of rice to 40 oz of chicken. what was the total weight of the chicken dish in pounds
I'll mark brainlist for this I promise!!!!You just have to answer the following questions
the bbookstore has 60 womrns magazines and 20 other magazin. what percentage of the magazines at the bookstore are womans magazines

Sara solved the equation -6(x-2) + 3x = -3(x+3) + 21 What is the solution?
pls help :)


To solve you can use inverse operations.

Here are the steps to find the answer:

1. Write out the equation: -6(x-2)+3x= -3(x+3) +21

2. Distribute both sides: -6x+12+3x= -3x-9+21

3. Simplify both sides: -3x+12=-3x+12

4. This equation is true for all values, or infinity, because the equation is the same on both sides

Let me know if you need further explanation. I hope this helps.

A lawn is shaped like a parallelogram with a base of 32 feet and a height of 15 feet. Covering the lawn with grass will cost $2.60 per square foot. How much money will it cost to cover the lawn with grass?


The total cost would be $1248.

To find the total cost, we need to first find the area of the parallelogram. To find the area, we need to multiply the base and height.

Then, we need to multiply the total area by the cost of $2.60.

32 x 15 x 2.6 = 1248



Step-by-step explanation:

area = base x height.


area x cost

b       h      c  

32 x 15 x 2.6 = 1248

Arrange from least to greatest, 4.3, 5.5, 6 1/6, 15/4, 4 3/8?


Here are the numbers
4.3 , 5.5 , 6(1)/(6) , (15)/(4) , 4(3)/(8)
I'm going to change them into fractions
In the fractions, divide the numerator by the denominator
4 (3)/(8)⇔4.375
Now to arrange them from least to the greatest
(15)/(4) , 4.3 , 4 (3)/(8) , 5.5 , 6(1)/(6)
4.3,\ 5.5,\ 6  (1)/(6) ,\  (15)/(4) ,\ 4  (3)/(8) \n\n 4.3=4 (3)/(10)= (12)/(40)  \n\n(15)/(4)=3 (3)/(4)\n\n4  (3)/(8)=4 (15)/(40) \n\nAns.\ \  (15)/(4) ,\ 4.3,\ 4  (3)/(8),\ 5.5,\ 6  (1)/(6)

When x is 3, y is 15. If y varies directly as x, which equation relates x and y?




Step-by-step explanation:

Let's say 3y=15

3 x 5 = 15, so y=5.

Work out the height of a triangle with a base 5m and area 20m squaredPlease explain in simple terms and what the answer is


The formula for the area of a triangle is:




If we know both the area and the base of the triangle, we can solve for the height...




divide both sides by 2.5


The height of the triangle is 8m

yes he is right it is 8m

A number, rounded to the nearest thousand is 47,000. Which number could be the number that was rounded?




Step-by-step explanation:

The number can be any number that has 46 in the thousand place and a number that is 5 or above in the hundred place. After that the numbers can be any number. Since you round up from 5 or above the digit 6 will round up to 7 in the thousand place