tia is buying paper cups and plates. cups come in package of 12 ,and plates come in package of 10.she wants to buy the same number of cups and plates but plans to buy the least number of package possible. how much should Tia expect to pay if $3 and each package of plates is $ 5 . explain


Answer 1

What I did to start with was to find the lowest number that both 12 and 10 could divide into, that number is 60.

I know 60 divided by 12 is 5 and I know that 60 divided by 10 is six.

Then I took 5 and multiplied it by 3 and got 15. I did this step because you need 5 packages of cups and each package cost 3 dollars.

Next I took 6 and multiplied it by 5 and got 30. I did this step because you need 6 packages of plates and each package cost 5 dollars.

You would then take 30 dollars and 15 dollars and add them together to get your total.

The answer is 42 dollars. 

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Here, we have,

In statistics, relative frequency refers to the proportion or percentage of times a particular value or category appears in a dataset relative to the total number of observations or data points.

It is a way to express the frequency of a value or category in relation to the whole dataset.

To calculate the relative frequency, you divide the frequency (number of times a value or category occurs) by the total number of observations or data points.

This gives you the proportion or percentage of occurrences relative to the total.

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To know more about frequency, visit here:



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