Use the distributive property to write an equivalent expression. (6+8)⋅x *


Answer 1

Answer: 14*x

Step-by-step explanation: I am 99% sure

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The sphere at the right fits snugly inside a cube with 4-in. edges. What is the approximate volume of the space between the sphere and cube?
Given that no additional deposits are made ,compare the balances of the two accounts after 10years? ( Round to the nearest dollar)
5. Expla in why 4 is or is not a multiplicative inverse mod 10 of 7.
Is the point (-2, 5) a solution to the equation 2x + 5y = 0?

On the first day of the fiscal year, a company issues $65,000, 6%, five-year installmentnotes that have annual payments of $15,431. The first note payment consists of $3,900 of
interest and $11,531 of principal repayment.
a. Journalize the entry to record the issuance of the installment notes.
b. Journalize the first annual note payment.



Dr  cash      $65,000

Cr Notes payable              $65,000


Dr Notes payable      $11,531

Dr interest expense  $3,900

Cr Cash                                        $15,431

Step-by-step explanation:

Upon the issuance of the notes,the cash received would be debited to cash account and the same amount credited to notes payable account.

The payment of $15,431 as annual repayment on the notes payable would be credited to cash account as an outflow of cash from the business while the notes payable and interest expense accounts would be debited with $11,531 and$3,900 respectively

How many triangles can you count?



the answer is 12

Step-by-step explanation:

some of them is not triangles tho


6 triangles

Step-by-step explanation:

I need help asap will give brainiest




Step-by-step explanation:

A video company randomly selected 100 of its subscribers and asked them how many hours of shows they watch per week. Of those surveyed 35 watch more than 10 hours per week. Based on the data, if the company has 3,000 subscribers, how many watch more than 10 hours per week?


Hello there!

35/100 watch more then 10 hours a week

3000 is 30 times greater than 100 so we can simply multiply 35/100 by 30.

35/100 x 30 = 1050/3000

Therefore, if the company had 3,000 subscribers, 1,050 subscribers would be watching more than 10 hours a week.

Which equation could have been used to create this function table? A.
y = 4x

y = 5x

y = x + 7

y = x + 2


A  : for x = 4 y = 16 not 6 FALSE
B : for x = 4 y = 20 not 6 FALSE
C : for x = 4 y = 11 not 6 FALSE
D : for x = 4 y = x + 2 = 6 is
6 The Last one verifying the first row of the table

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What is an example of "interval level"?


The interval level of measurement is a number scale that classifies both order and the value change between each number. For example, a ruler has intervals 1, 2, and 3 inches. The distance between 1 to 2 inches is the same as the distance between 3 to 4 inches.