How do Raymond's action changes squeaky's view to him ?


Answer 1
Answer: It shows that he can do things too and that he isn't worthless. It also gives Squeaky another chance to still have a runner in her family.

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What's the name of the expansion you could use to work out the answer to the previous question.
How might “Moctezuma II” have been different if the author chose to write the story of Moctezuma’s imprisonment as a poem?
Extremely hot ash and lava buried the city
Which kind of sentence is this? You just threw out my favorite sweaterA.interrogativeB.exclamatoryC.declarativeD.imperative
Which quotation from "The Story of the Fisherman” in The Arabian Nights Entertainments supports the theme that cleverness trumps wrath?

504 divided by three



if you started at the prime Mediterranean and traveled east one fourth of the way around or what what the line of longitude would you reach?


The prime meridian is Greenwich = 0 degrees. You'd be at 90 degrees east after going one fourth round the world

Speach on honesty is the best policy​



Being honest means being truthful in all the aspects of life. It is not only about not telling lies but is also about never hurting anyone, not involving in any bad habits, activities or behavior. Generally, honest persons never involve themselves in morally wrong activities. They live by ethical rules and morality. If you want to be honest, you should first behave well, be disciplined, and speak the truth. When a person is honest in all his actions, he gets trusted by everyone in his surroundings. Moreover, he enjoys lots of happiness and blessings as there is no evil in heart. But honesty can only be obtained through practice.

How does Karana feel at first about making friends with Tutok? A.
Karana fears Tutok because Tutok is an Aleut.

Karana is sure Tutok will make fun of her rough clothes and primitive ways.

Karana thinks Tutok is little better than a savage because she is with the Aleuts.

Karana is delighted to have contact with another young woman.


The way Karana first feels about making friends with Tutok is that A) Karana fears Tutok because Tutok is an Aleut. 

What did the scout say after fixing the little old lady's bicycle horn?


Scout said"Beep repaired"

HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!! Which describes how the underlined pronoun is used in the sentence?
"Is she your best friend?"
direct object


predicate nominative

object of a preposition


"she" would be the pronoun.
You can rewrite this question as "She is your best friend?"
So in that case, "she" would be the subject.

In English, you just switch around "is" and the subject to make a question and make it sound Englishy
PS in Italian (and probably other languages) you would just say "She is your best friend?"