Write two ways
you could use to find 5 + 8.


Answer 1
Answer: 5 + 8 = 13 or
8 + 5 = 13

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A random sample of 10 subjects have weights with a standard deviation of 11.9407 kg. What is the variance of their​ weights? Be sure to include the appropriate units with the result. The variance of the sample data is nothing ▼ kg cubed . kg squared . kg. ​(Round to four decimal places as​ needed.)


Answer: 142.58\text{squared kg}[

Step-by-step explanation:


Step-by-step explanation:

Given : A random sample of 10 subjects have weights with a standard deviation of 11.9407 kg

i.e. \sigma = 11.9407

Since we know that the value of variance is the square of standard deviation.

i.e. \text{Variance}=\sigma^2

Therefore, to find the value of variance, we need to find the square of the given standard deviation.

i.e. \text{Variance}=(11.9407)^2=142.58031649\approx142.58\text{squared kg}

Thus, the variance of their​ weights =142.58\text{squared kg}[

The ratio of Sunita's age to Mark's age is currently 3 to 4, and in 12 years, it will be 5 to 6. What is Mark's current age?A) 18






24 years.

B is correct option.

Step-by-step explanation:

Let Sunita's current age is x and that of Mark's is y.

Hence, we have


Now, in 12 years the ratio will be 5 to 6. Thus, we have


Cross multiplying, we get


Plunging, the value of x from equation (1)


Therefore, Mark's current age is 24 years.

Mark's current age is 24  

Please help me. Full explanation. WIll mark brainliest.




Step-by-step explanation:


B) 50%

Step-by-step explanation:

There are two correct answers to the question :A and D. Therefore you have a 50% of getting the correct answer.

Hope the helps :)

What is the range of the absolute value function shown in the graph?



Range : [-6, ∞)

Step-by-step explanation:

Domain of any function on a graph is represented by the x-values (input values).

Similarly, Range of  function is represented by the y-values or output values of the function on a graph.

Therefore, domain of the given absolute function will be (-∞, ∞) Or set of all real numbers.

Range of the function → [-6, ∞) Or {y | y ≥ -6}

Find the quotient: –10/19÷(−5/7)




Step-by-step explanation:

Note that there are two " - " signs here.  Thus, the end result will be " + "

We move from left to right, obtaining first 10/19 divided by (5/7):


----- ÷ (5/7)


To divide by (5/7), invert (5/7) and then multiply.  We get:

10      7      2(7)

----- * ----- = ------- = 14/19

19       5       19

What is 27 ÷ 4 rounded to the nearest tenth?​




Step-by-step explanation:

27 / 4 = 6.75, which rounded to the nearest tenth, is 6.8.