Which proposal was not part of President Johnson's efforts to end poverty in the United States?A.
Project Head Start

Volunteers in Service to America

Food Stamp Program

Peace Corps


Answer 1

it is the letter A or B

hope this helps yah friend =D

Answer 2


a b


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Which is an accurate description of the Punic Wars? A.Greece became a province of Rome after being defeated in a series of wars.B.Carthage gained power in the Mediterranean after defeating Rome at sea.C.Rome became the dominant power in the Mediterranean after defeating Carthage.D.Rome and Persia ended a series of wars with a peace treaty.
What are the characteristics sometimes associated with the wearing of a beard
Which best describes the size of Georgia in 1783 ?
First box: blank > Second box: Mayflower Compact > Third box: Fundamental Orders of Connecticut > Fourth box: Body of Liberties > Fourth box: Impacted American ideals and values; Self government, rights, justice, and equality. The chart (written) above shows the progression of early colonial documents that influenced American ideals and values. Which of the following correctly completes the first box?A. Magna CartaB. English Bill of RightsC. the charter for JamestownD. Virginia declaration of rights
How did the majority of Supreme Court justices in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson interpret the 14th Amendment?         A.                                             Separate but equal facilities only apply to white citizens, not blacks.   B. All citizens are equal under the law and therefore segregation is illegal.   C. Blacks are not citizens and therefore have no legal protection.   D. Racial segregation is constitutional if the facilities are the same for everyone.

Why did progressive seek to limit government corruption


Government officials were using bribes and violence to get votes.

The country of turkey has a system of government in which the power of the executive branch is vested in a cabinet made up of members of the legislature, all of whom are individually and collectively responsible to the legislature This is describing what form of government?


parliamentary democracy

What happened in the Philippines after the United States and Spain signed the Treaty of Paris ending the Spanish-American War?A
The United States immediately extended citizenship to all residents of the Philippines.

The United States helped the Philippines write a constitution fore a democratic government.

The Philippines unsuccessfully petitioned the United States for immediate statehood.

The Philippines went to war with the United States in an attempt to gain its independence.


Answer: On December 10th, the Treaty of Paris officially ended the Spanish-American War Puerto Rico and Guam were ceded to the United States, The Philippines were bought for 20 million, and Cuba became a US protectorate.


Final answer:

After the Treaty of Paris, the Philippines went to war with the United States attempting to gain independence. The U.S. established control post-war and only allowed full independence after World War II.


After the United States and Spain signed the Treaty of Paris, effectively ending the Spanish-American War, the Philippines did not immediately gain its independence or become a state of the United States. Instead, the Philippines went to war with the United States in an attempt to gain their independence. This period is known as the Philippine-American War or the Philippine Insurrection. The war lasted from 1899 until 1902. After the war, the United States established control over the Philippines and only in 1946, after World War II, did the Philippines gained full independence.

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Which country had the largest colonial empire at one time?


At its height, the largest colonial empires belonged to the British. Spanning across various continents and oceans, the British Empire held territories in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

With a combination of colonization, trade, and military conquest, the British Empire grew to become the largest in history. Its colonies included Canada, Australia, India, parts of Africa, and numerous Caribbean islands. The empire's power and influence were far-reaching, and at its peak, it covered nearly a quarter of the world's landmass and population.

However, decolonization movements in the mid-20th century eventually led to the disintegration of the British Empire, as many colonies gained their independence.

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Great Britain


It had the largest colonial empire at one time.

What is true about how climate affects the food that people eat?


Yes it true, climate affects the food that people eat. Not only pollution but the gradual exploitation of natural resources are to be blamed for such disasters. Over the years, the impact of the environmental rage and climatic change are pretty evident on everything present on earth, be it the temperature fluctuations, increase in the air pollution level or the cultivation of natural produce. Have you ever wondered, how this climate change is impacting the food we eat. Unfortunately, the depletion of natural produce began way back, and over a period of time it has reached to such a state that in the years to come a few of our favourite foods will not be available. Yes, you read it right, the affect of climate change has turned out to be a threat for these food items. As per a recent research these endangered list of food items are believed to vanish from the surface of the earth in the next 25 to 30 years from now.

In three to four sentences, explain some of the factors that cause changes in demand and why it is important for consumers to understand these changes.



  1. expectations of future change 2.in price price of other related 3.comdity tease and preference. 4.consumer income


Demand changes when the quantity demanded at every price changes. This happens when consumers’ willingness and ability to buy changes. Demand shifts can be caused by changes in income and in consumer tastes and preferences. Demand is also influenced by changes in the price of a complementary good or in the price of a substitute. Demand shifts cause changes in markets. When consumers understand the basics of demand they understand that their buying choices are important. Consumer demand influences which goods and services are available, the quantities available, and the prices of the goods and services we buy.