What did Alexander Hamilton invent


Answer 1

Answer: Mint and the revenue Cutter service

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Read the following excerpt from a presidential proclamation issued in 1865 and answer the question below.I, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, . . . hereby grant and assure to all white persons who have, directly or indirectly, participated in the existing rebellion, except as hereinafter excepted, a full pardon, but upon the condition, nevertheless, that every such person will . . . take and subscribe the following oath . . .Source: Library of CongressWhy did Radical Republicans disagree with this proclamation?
How did Greek art reflect the ideal form?
1. What TWO women fought for women's rights and organized the first woman's rights convention in Seneca Falls, NY?
The theologian who was the first to translate the Bible
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What did these Founders consider the greatest defects of the Articles of Confederation? Why?



The Articles of Confederation. The first system of government designed by the Founding Fathers was a Confederation. Under a Confederate system, the National or Central Government is given only a few powers, while most of the power is reserved for the States.


What Egyptians do to prepare for the afterlife



The ancient Egyptians had an elaborate set of funerary practices that they believed were necessary to ensure their immortality after death (the afterlife). These rituals and protocols included mummifying the body, casting magic spells, and burial with specific grave goods thought to be needed in the Egyptian afterlife.

To ensure the continuity of life after death, people paid homage to the gods, both during and after their life on earth.

According to the online content article, what is the main difference between a culture and a civilization?


Culture is the set of values that’s shapes the behavior of the society at different levels while civilization is apparent in the physical development in form of man-made environment.

Which of the following did King Louis XVIIIestablish with the Charter of 1814 in France?
A. freedom of the seas
B. freedom of religion
C. freedom of the press


Freedom of the press was established with the Charter of 1814 in France by King Louis XVIII. Thus, option C is correct.

Who is King Louis XVIII?

King Louis XVIII ruled France as King between 1814 and 1824. He declared religious toleration, established a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament, protected civil freedoms, and established Catholicism as the official religion.

Freedom of the press was established by the king, so the press can tell or say what they actually think of the monarch and was given the right to uphold their point of view. After that, there were various amendments filed and were updated accordingly.

King Louis XVIII with establishing the Charter of 1814 in France told that the committee was to make new amendments and was given new powers. Therefore, option C is the correct option.

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Go through Option C. If I'm right so,

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Which of the following statements best defines government?Choose 1 answer:

(Choice A)
the formal institutions that rule the citizens within a community by distributing resources and enforcing policies

(Choice B)
the shared moral and social foundations of civic societies that dictate how they should operate

(Choice C)
the groups in society that citizens can freely join outside of state-run institutions

(Choice D)
the informed and active participation of a member in a political community


Answer: The answer is A.

Explanation: The government is an institution that is in the community and it is the only answer that makes since

The answer is A. as you May or May not know the government makes rules in other words policies that we must follow or else.

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