Select all of the solutions to the original equation X=4X equals -16 X equals minus 4X equals 16 X equals minus 8X equals minus 1X equals one X equals eight


Answer 1

Answer: i don´t know the answer sorry

Step-by-step explanation:

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Amelia rented a dvd and it was due to be returned on 26 novembershe actually returned it to the shop on 26 december the rental shop applies a fine for 9p for every day the dvd is overdue work out the total fine paid by amelia give your answer in £?
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3125 men and 150 women are at a wedding. Write this as a ratio of men towomen in its simplest form.
An author argued that more basketball players have birthdates in the months immediately following July​ 31, because that was the age cutoff date for nonschool basketball leagues. Here is a sample of frequency counts of months of birthdates of randomly selected professional basketball players starting with​ January: 390​, 392​, 360​, 318​, 344​, 330​, 322​, 496​, 486​, 486​, 381​, 331 . Using a 0.05 significance​ level, is there sufficient evidence to warrant rejection of the claim that professional basketball players are born in different months with the same​ frequency? Do the sample values appear to support the​ author's claim?

Translate the English phrase into an algebraic expression: the sum of 17y² and 19.




Step-by-step explanation:

sum means add


19+ 17y²

Step-by-step explanation:

Which relationship matches the graph A- {(2,5), (3,3),(1,0),(2,1),(8,8)}

B - {(2,5),(3,3),(0,1),(2,1),(8,8)}

C- {(5,2),(3,3),(0,1),(2,1),(8,8)}

D - {(5,2),(3,3),(1,0),(2,1),(8,8)}


I would say C not sure if I’m right
It is C because the first number is x and rhe second is y and if you match them you get C.

Henderson opened a coffee shop. He insured his store against fire for $150,000. What’s his premium if the rate per $100 is $0.79


Henderson premium for his coffee shop is $1185

Given in the question:

Henderson opened a coffee shop. He insured his store against fire for $150,000.

and, the rate of his premium per $100 is $0.79.

Now, According to the question:

Divide the value of the coffee shop by $100

= $150,000 / $100 = $1500

Multiply the quotient by the rate per $100

=    $1500 x  $.79 = $1185.

Hence, Henderson premium for his coffee shop is $1185.

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You go to buy a new sofa and find that it is on sale.The original price is $459. The markdown is 25%.
What will you have to pay for your sofa?




Step-by-step explanation:

The Answer is: $344.25

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-2x - 12

Step-by-step explanation:

-5(4x)+6(3x - 2)

-20x +18x - 12

-2x - 12

Log(5t)(5t + 1) * log(5x+1) (5t + 2) * log(5t+2 )(5t + 3)... log(5t+n)(5t +n +1)​


I assume you're referring to the product,


Recall the change-of-base identity:


where c > 0 and c ≠ 1. This means the product is equivalent to


and it telescopes in the sense that the numerator and denominator of any two consecutive terms cancel with one another. The above then simplifies to