Drag the tiles to the boxes to form correct pairs. Not all tiles will be used.Brian, Cheryl, and Malcolm conducted a survey of high school juniors and seniors asking if they plan to attend an out-of-state college.

Match the correct statement with the appropriate person's survey.
Drag the tiles to the boxes to form correct pairs. - 1


Answer 1


Top Box: 164 respondents answered yes

Middle Box: 69 respondents answered yes

Bottom Box : 126 respondents answered yes

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how doi do 1 only? i honestly don't know how to do it. first one to answer is brainliest. if you mind plz also send me the answers for 1 b and c. thx
Jillian’s school is selling tickets for a play. The tickets cost $10.50 for adults and $3.75 for students. The ticket sales for opening night totaled $2071.50. The equation , where a is the number of adult tickets sold and b is the number of student tickets sold, can be used to find the number of adult and student tickets. If 82 students attended, how may adult tickets were sold?

Jon earned $38,000 last year. He paid $6,840 for entertainment. What percent of his earnings did Jon pay in entertainment expenses? Please tell how you got it.


If you would like to know what percent of earnings did Jon pay in entertainment expenses, you can calculate this using the following steps:

x% of $38000 is $6840
x% * 38000 = 6840
x/100 * 38000 = 6840
x * 380 = 6840    /380
x = 6840 / 380
x = 18%

The correct result would be 18%.
18% of his earnings went towards entertainment expenses. I used the "is over of equals percent over 100" formula. I then cross multiply then divide. My work is shown.

Could you divide 14 shirts into two equal groups? Why or why not?


Yes because 2 time 7 is 14 so you have 7 into two different
yes you can becuase seven times two equal fourteen you will have two groups of seven

Something times 2 equals 36


18 is the answer
and i am just typing so i can submit

Something times 2 equals 36

now let say that X is the number missing

Replace x by something



Divide both sides by 2

x= 18

I hope that's help :)

another way you can do that is to divide 36 by 2 and it will be 18

I hope that's help and if you have questions please ask ;)

What is answer to this its my home work


16 1/2 is the answer
16 1/2 is the answer

What’s the answer to this question



The length is 65 cm and the width is 12 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

A = lw = 780

P = 2 (l+w) = 154

The length is 5 more than 5 times the width


P = 2 (l+w) = 154

Divide each side by 2

2 /2 (l+w) = 154/2

l+w = 77

Substituting l = 5w+5

5w+5 +w = 77

6w+5 = 77

Subtract 5 from each side

6w +5-5 = 77-5

6w = 72

Divide each side by 6

6w/6 = 72/6

w = 12

Now lets find l

l = 5w+5

l = 5(12)+5

l = 60+5

l = 65

Why is 16:14 and 64:60 not equivalent


The 2 ratios are almost equivalent, but not quite. In order to tell if they are equivalent, there are a number of ways but the 2 most common are 1, finding the decimal equivalent of the fraction, and 2, finding the scale factor. 

1: Take 16, divide by 14. You should get something around 1.142. Take 64, divide by 60. You should get something around 1.066666.... Not equivalent.

2: Find the scale factor between the 2. To find scale factor, divide the larger numerator and larger denominator by the smaller numerator and smaller numerator. 64/16, 60/14. Not equal. 
16:14 =16/14
(We r doing the cross thing)
Is 960 equivalent (equal) to 869 ? No .
So they r not equivalent because the result is not the same.