A pound of beans costs $4.70. Mrs. Patel buys 6.5 pounds of beans. How much dose she pay for the beans ?


Answer 1
Answer: $30.55
x 6.5
Answer 2
Answer: 4.70            
x    6 ( lbs)

4.70 divided by 2 is 2.35

28.20 +2.35 = 30.55

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What is 180% as a fraction or mixed number in simplest form?
What is 100/5 in simplest form? btw i already know the answer
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What is 140 divided by 18 ??? someone please help


You can't do 140 divided by 18
or it will end up like this 7.77777777778
7.77777778 if you want you could put a line at the end and put 7.7^

The decimal equivalent of 5/9 is a terminating decimal.



Answer: False

Step-by-step explanation:

You can convert all fractions to decimals. Also decimal forms of rational numbers either repeat or end a pattern.

you carry out the action of

5 รท 9 and you end up with a repeating decimal that is 0.5555... which happens to still be going on like that

But you can just simply write as 0.55

False. It would be a repeating decimal since you cannot reduce the fraction any further. The decimal equivalent would be 0.555555...

What is the anwser to 450mg=g


Since 1000 mg is one g then the answer is .45 . So 450mg=.45g. Hope I helped.

What is the opposite of โ€“64? A. 46 B. โ€“46 C. โ€“64 D. 64


the answer is d 64!!

I WILL AWARD BRAINLIEST!The Patronete Winery's tastiest wine must have a 12% alcohol content. How many gallons of wine with a 9% alcohol content must be mixed with 3,000 gallons of wine with a 15% alcohol content in order to achieve the desired 12% alcohol content?



3000 gallons of 12 percent is required

Step-by-step explanation:

We can use the formula

percentage * amount + percentage * amount =  percentage*total amount

We have 9 percent and 15 percent wine that we are mixing to get 12 percent wine.

We are adding g gallons and 3000 gallons to get a total of (g+3000) gallons

Substituting this information in

.09 *g + .15 * 3000 = .12 (g+3000)


.09g +450 = .12g+360

Subtract .9g from each side

.09g-.09g +450 = .12g-0.09g+360

450 = .03g + 360

Subtract 360 from each side

450-360 = .03g

90 =.03g

Divide each side by .03

90/.03 = .03g/03

3000 = g

Which best explains whether a triangle with side lengths 5cm , 13cm and 12 cm is a right triangle the triangle is a right



Right triangle.

Step-by-step explanation:

We are asked to determine whether the given side lengths are sides of a right triangle or not.

We know that side lengths of a right triangle are Pythagoras triplets. The square of the longest must be equal to sum of squares of other sides.

Let us check sides of our given triangle.




Since both sides of equation are equal, therefore, the given side lengths are sides of a right triangle.


A: The triangle is a right triangle because 5 (to the 2nd power) + 12 (to the second power) = 13 (to the second power)

Step-by-step explanation:

25 + 144 = 169

169 = 169

To determine if it is a right angle, take all three numbers and multiply them by the second power. After you get all the numbers in their second power form, look at the first two numbers. If they equal the same as the third number, that is a right angle.