A trapezoid has an area of 60 square inches. The height of the trapezoid is 5 inches. What is the length of the longer base if the longer base is three times the length of the shorter base?


Answer 1


Step-by-step explanation:


Let the shorter base = x

Let the longer base = 3x

h = 5

Area = 60


Area = (b1 + b2)*h /2


60 = (x + 3x)*5 / 2                Multiply both sides by 2

2*60 = (x + 3x)*5                  Combine like terms

120 = 4x *5

120 = 20x                             Divide by 20

120/20 = x

x = 6

Therefore the two bases are

x = 6

3x = 18

Answer 2



Step-by-step explanation:

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A ____________ is sometimes a rectanglea. parallelogram
b. rhombus
c. square
d. trapezoid ​


Parallelogram is the answer,
rhombus, square, and trapezoid are all their own shapes, parallelogram is a four-sided plane rectilinear figure with opposite sides parallel. So basically a parallelogram is a shape with four sides.
Hope this helps.



Step-by-step explanation:

What is the total? Add those together.



whats the whole question

Step-by-step explanation:

A particular salad contains 4 units of vitamin A, 5 units of vitamin B complex, and 2 mg of fat per serving. A nutritious soup contains 6 units of vitamin A, 2 units of vitamin B complex, and 3 mg of fat per serving. If a lunch consisting of these two foods is to have at least 10 units of vitamin A and at least 10 units of vitamin B complex, how many servings of each should be used to minimize the total number of milligrams of fat



2 servings of salad and 1 serving of soup

Step-by-step explanation:

In the given scenario the aim is to minimise the fat content of the food combination.

Fat content of soup is 3mg while fat content of salad is 2 mg.

Using Soup as 0 and Salad as 2 will not give the required vitamin content

The logical step will be to keep servings of soup to the minimum.

Let's see some combinations of salad and soup. Keeping serving of soup to the minimum of 1

1. 1 serving of salad and one serving of soup will contain 10 mg of vitamin A, 7 mg of vitamin B complex, and 3 mg of fat.

This will not work because amount of vitamin B complex is not up to 10 mg

2. 2 servings of salad and 1 serving of soup. Will contain 14 mg of vitamin A, 12 mg of vitamin B, and 7 mg of fat

This is the best option as we have amount of vitamin A and vitamin B complex in adequate quantity.

Also fat is lowest in this combination because soup the food with highest fat content is at minimum amount of one serving

Find the limit, if it exists. (if an answer does not exist, enter dne.) lim x → ∞ x4 x8 + 2


lim x → ∞ x^4 x^8 + 2

Combine exponents:

lim x → ∞ x^(4 +8) + 2

lim x → ∞ x^12 + 2

The limit at infinity of a polynomial, when the leading coefficient is positive is infinity.

A carpenter worked 10 weeks on a particular job, 51/2 days per week and 7 3/4 hours per day. How many hours did the carpenter work on the job?​



= 426 1/4 hr.

Step-by-step explanation:

5 1/2 = 5.5 Days in a week

7 3/4 = 7.75 hr. Per Day

Total hours in a week = 5.5 × 7.75 = 42.625 hr in a week

In 10 weeks = 42.625 × 10 = 426.25 hr.

[8 3 2]What are the dimensions of the matrix?

____ * ____ * = multiplication

Answr if only know with solution..or no brainliest answer to u


The first dimension is the number of rows in the matrix.

There is 1 row.

The second dimension is the number of columns in the matrix.

There are 3 columns.

In conclusion, the dimensions of the matrix are 1 * 3. 
The matrix's dimensions are 1 by 3.
There is one row by three columns.