How many hundredths are in 2.00?


Answer 1
Answer: so 1 hundreth is 1/100 or 0.01

so how many 0.01 are in 2.00
we know that 100 of 0.01 is 1 and 2 is twice of 1 so there are 200 hundreths in 2.00
Answer 2
Answer: zero is in the hundredths place.  The hundredths place is 2 spaces to the right behind the decimal place.  ex: after the decimal place going towards your right, the first place value is your tenth place....the next value place moving towards the right is the hundreths....the next one moving towards the right is your thousanths...and so on...

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What is 14.36 rounded to the nearest tenth?
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Regular triangular pyramid has 6 cm long base edge and slant height k=9 cm. Find the lateral area of the pyramid.



81 cm²

Step-by-step explanation:

Since, the lateral face of a triangular pyramid is a triangle,


The base edge or the base of one lateral face of pyramid, a = 6 cm,

And, the slant height or the height of the face, k = 9 cm,

Thus, the area of one lateral face of the pyramid,

A=(1)/(2)* a* k

=(1)/(2)* 6* 9


=27\text{ square cm}

We know that, a Regular triangular pyramid has 3 lateral faces,

Hence, the total lateral area of the pyramid,

L.A.=3*\text{ The area of one lateral face}

=3* 27

=81\text{ square cm}


hiiii your answer is 81!!

Step-by-step explanation:

Find the area: 6.8cm and 4.3cm

a 58.48cm²
b 22.2cm²
c 29.24cm²
d 14.62cm²


Area of a Triangle: 1/2 bh

Therefore: 1/2 6.8 (4.3)

Answer:3.4 x 4.3 = 14.62

3.79 rounded to the nearest tenth



Look at the hundredth place, see if it's 5 or higher or 4 or lower.
Since it is 5 or higher, we round the tenth place up.


What time is 1 hour and 15 minutes before 6:10 P.M.?


well take away the 1 hour it would 5:10 then take away the 15 which would be 4:55
6:10-1 15 


610-115=495 (easier way to do it)

A new car typically loses 20% of its initial value during the first year. During the second year, the car loses 15% of its value after the first year. Find the value of the car($18,000) after the first year and after the second year.


after the first year it is going to be 14,400
after the second year it will be 12,240

Consider the following relation: {(1,12), (3,8), (3, 11), (6,9), (7,11)). Which orderedpair could be removed so that the relation is a function?



(3,11) or (7,11)

Step-by-step explanation:

A function cannot have the same second number repeated ( forgot the term for the second number) so removing either (3,11) or (7,11) would leave it being a function