What is the base word of rotation


Answer 1
Answer: rotate

I need at least 20 characters so... ya
Answer 2
Answer: To be more specific, it's from the latin verb rotatare.

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Please help me, ASAP?
With adversity comes a loss of faith in oneself and in humanity.Which supporting detail from Night by Elie Wiesel reflects the above theme best?“Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever.” “A dozen or so Gypsies had come to join our guard.” “I thought: This is what the antechamber of hell must look like.” “Freed from the barbers’ clutches, we began to wander about the crowd
What does dependency reversal mean?
Who is OZ in the book wizard of oz
Based on the paragraph, what inference can be made about Popopo the knook?A) He is sick. B) He is a fairy. C) He can never die. D) He lives a simple life.

Carrie Chapman Catt's orations calling for women's ___ made her instrumental in the fight to give U.S. women the right to vote.A.





(A) Women's Suffrage :)

What is Eumaeus discussing here?"Zeus / the Old Thunderer, robs a man of half his virtue

the day the yoke clamps down around his neck."

the fate of prisoners

O why slaves rebel

why beggars steal

why Odysseus's servants neglected Argos


The correct answer is “the fate of prisoners”. Taken from the poem “The Odyssey” attributed to Homer, the excerpt presented above narrates the fate of the prisoners when they lose their lords, since they are said to lose their “enjoyment” to perform their activities in a good way. In other words (metaphorical meaning), Zeus takes their virtue (moral standards) when this happens.

Hi, I need help to make complex sentences with the following clauses, thanks;1. Ada did not pass the course

2. When I visited the White House

3. We went to the basketball game

4. Susan will not attend the meeting

5. Because I forgot my car keys

6. Although Dora bought a new dress

7. Since you were absent from class for two weeks

8. The Puerto Rican basketball team could win a gold medal


1. Ana did not pass the course but she was still proud of herself.

2. When I visited the White House I met Donald Trump but unfortunately I couldn’t approach him because of his body guards.

3. We went to the basketball game and witnessed our team lose.

4. Susan will not attend the meeting due to a family emergency.

5. Because I forgot my keys I was late to my interview.

6. Although Dora bought a new dress she forgot to purchase her jewelry.

7. Since you were absent from class for two weeks you have 1 week to make all this up.

8. The Puerto Rican basketball team could win a gold medal if they win next weeks game.

Imagine that you are Rudy Steiner. Write a letter to Liesel expressing your true feelings for her. Use episodes from the novel up until part 5 of The Book Thief upon which to base your letter. Use proper business form for the letter.


The answer is:

July 12th, 1943

To Liesel, with love.

Please allow me to tell you everything I keep inside me. Since that day you knocked down the neighborhood bully, I knew that what I felt for you was no longer a mere friendship. You conquered my heart completely. Everything else became more enjoyable and fun. I remember when we would steal books and food together, every detail of our adventures. I just wanted you to know that having that book rescued for you on that cold morning in that freezing river is just a proof of everything I would do for you. I would do anything to be with you again. If I had known my end, I would have kissed you over and over again, I would have asked you to kiss me, I wanted to perpetuate these beautiful moments. I want you to know that you will never fall into oblivion. From here to eternity, I want you to know that the purpose of my soul has been fulfilled, from the moment I met you. You became the reason for living my last days. Thank you for being who you are.

Yours sincerely,

Rudy steiner


We watched the steam (raise, rise) from the cup of coffee. *





Add in each one to the sentence,

"We watched the stream raise from the coffee."

"We watched the steam rise from the coffee."

Which ever sentence makes more sense is the one you should choose, in this case, it would be rise.

Which is an empty modifier A. herioc B. powerful c. great d. famous


I think the answer is C. Great.