Irina predicted that she would sell 75 books, but she actually sold 95 books. Which expression would find the percenterror? Use the table below to help answer the question
Percent Error
Exact value
Absolute error
Percent error



Answer 1

Percent error = |actual error - expected error/ expected error| * 100%

(|75-95|)/95 = 0.21

0.21 * 100% = 21% error

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What is the largest 4- digit number that is divisible by 3, 6, and 9? Explain how you know.
(2 4/10 + 8 4/5) - 3 1/5
The weather report says the temperature is 20°C and will drop 5°C per hour for the next 6 hours. Daryl plans to begone for at least 6 hours, and he has a plant outside. If he wants the plant to remain in temperatures above -10°C,should Daryl move his plant to a warmer location before leaving?An inequality to model the problem isThe solution is​
If someone build a house for 50 years how many months did it take to complete
The tread life on tires produced at one factory has a standard deviation of sigma equals 4 comma 000 miles. What is the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the sample means given the sample size is 4

Describe the following Algebraic Expression using the Algebraic Vocabulary words. Use all four words in yourdescription. Use complete sentences: 12y + 6-8x - m
Terms, coefficients, variables, constants


Final answer:

The given algebraic expression has terms, coefficients, variables, and constants.


The given algebraic expression is 12y + 6 - 8x - m.

In this expression, terms are the individual parts that are added or subtracted. The terms in this expression are 12y, 6, -8x and -m.

The coefficients are the numbers that multiply the variables. In this expression, the coefficients are 12 and -8.

Variables are the letters that represent unknown values. In this expression, the variables are y and x.

The constants are the numbers without variables. In this expression, the constant is the number 6.

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Renting a car costs $30 per day, or $600 per month. Renting daily is cheaper for a few days, but after how many days are the two options equal (after which renting monthly is cheaper)?



after 20 days it will be equal

Step-by-step explanation:

i dont have step by step but the problome is 30x20=600

4/5 divided by 1/10?



the answer to the question is 8

Dividing by a fraction is the same as multiplying by its reciprocal
(4/5)/(1/10) is the same as (4/5)*(10/1)
So (4*10/5*1) =40/5=8

A) Kenyans went elections and they had to choose between three coalitions; JubileeCord and Amani. They must choose one, if they have no preference, can choose
all the three or, if against one option, they choose for the two they prefer. A
sample of 200 voters revealed the following information
30 chose Jubilee and Amani but not Cord
130 chose Cord only
102 chose Amani only
30 chose Jubilee and Cord
234 chose for either Jubilee or Cord, or both Jubilee and Cord, but not Amani
256 chose for either Cord or Amani, or both Cord and Amani, but not Jubilee
students chose
i) All the three options
(2 marks
ii) Only one option
(2 marks
iii) Jubilee irrespective of Cord or Amani
(2 marks​



iii is right..................

A quadrilateral has angles that measure 44°, 89°, and 127°. What is the measure of the fourth angle?


The sum of angles in a quadrilateral = 360 degrees.

Let the fourth angle be x:

Therefore:  44 + 89 + 127 + x = 360

260 + x = 360

x = 360 - 260

x = 100

x = 100°

I hope this helps.

Kari and Samantha have determined that their water-balloon launcher works best when they launch the balloon at an angle within 3 degrees of 45 degrees. Which equation can be used to determine the minimum and maximum optimal angles of launch, and what is the minimum angle that is still optimal?|x – 3| = 45; minimum angle: 42 degrees
|x – 3| = 45; minimum angle: 45 degrees
|x – 45| = 3; minimum angle: 42 degrees
|x – 45| = 3; minimum angle: 45 degrees


The equation which can be used to determine the minimum and maximumoptimalangles of launch and the minimum angle that is still optimal is |x – 45| = 3 and 42 degrees respectively.

What is an Angle?

This is formed when two straight lines meet at a common endpoint and are also formed during intersection of planes.

In this scenario we were told the angle is within 3 degrees of 45 degrees which means the minimum angle is 45 degrees - 3 degrees = 42 degrees with the equation used to determine the minimum and maximum being |x – 45| = 3 as the maximum angle and deviation has to be present in the equation.

Read more about Angle here


Answer: C |x – 45| = 3; minimum angle: 42 degrees

Step-by-step explanation: