You are the winner of an international competition. You have been asked to select one of the following as your prize a car, a house, one million rupees What would you choose? Explain: - how all three are important to you - say what you would choose - say why you choose it​


Answer 1


God I love you




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10. Why does Mark Twain use dialect when Wheeler tells the story?A The use of dialect makes the characters more realistic, adding aserious element to an otherwise humorous story.B The use of dialect underscores the exaggerated qualities of thecharacters and separates the narrator from the story.C The use of dialect makes it harder to understand, so readers have topay more attention to the progress of the story.D The use of dialect makes the characters seem more intelligent, soreaders take them and the story's message more seriously.
In jungle book give one example of a time when one of the wolves follows the Law of the Jungle,
Identify the five project management process groups, and briefly describe what happens in each. What types of activities occur before initiating a project? What are some of the typical challenges project teams face during each of the five process groups?
After 30 selfless years of service to our company, Renalda Garwacki has chosen to take a little more time for herself. Therefore, she has retired from the position of receptionist. With a new grandbaby on the way, Renalda looks forward to spending more time with her family. Renalda, enjoy your retirement: we will miss you. What kind of organizational pattern does the previous paragraph use? Semi-indirect Direct Indirect
WILL GIVE BRAINLESTEST. Throughout the novel in walk two moons, Sal is traviling with gram and gramps along the Ohio turnpike to Idaho. witch of the following is NOT a reason for their journey?A. Gram and Gramps wanted to visit all the national monuments in north americaB. gram and gramps wanted to visit Sals momC. Gram and Gramps knew sal wanted to see her mom.D.Gram and gramps knew sals father wanted to spend time with mrs. cadaver.

Which of the following would be a good clincher sentence for a cause-and-effect paragraph that begins with this topic sentence?
When the Texans selected Mario Williams first in the 2006
NFL draft instead of Reggie Bush, a number of unexpected
events followed.



D. All of these surprises came about as a result of the Texans choosing Williams instead of Bush


Option D is the correct answer.

A clincher is known to be a decisive remark,  fact, argument, or event which actually concludes a matter.

Option D is correct because it is direct and straight to the point. It is the only statement among the others that is stated decisively without mincing words. It revealed that all the surprises they were having was as a result of the Texans that choose Williams instead of Bush.

Who is the speaker of grateful never give up​


Kevin Saunders was the speaker of “grateful never give up”

Grammar/Mechanics Checkup 8: Commas 3 The following questions will test your knowledge of comma usage.

Identify the comma error(s), and choose the best revision.

Sarah Cortez MBA, is the lead author of the best-selling book, Thought before Action.
Sarah Cortez, MBA, is the lead author of the best-selling book, Thought before Action.
Sarah Cortez, MBA is the lead author of the best-selling book, Thought before Action.
Sarah Cortez MBA is the lead author of the best-selling book, Thought before Action.


When a comma is used when it is not grammatically required or when one is present but is not necessary, a comma error has occurred. Many individuals frequently sprinkle commas across their writing like salt to give it taste. Thus, option B is correct.

What are the most comma error occur during sentence?

One of the most frequent comma errors is failing to use a comma before a coordinating conjunction (such as “but”) when it joins two independent clauses.

For balance, add a comma after a conjunction. We drove to the beach, but because the parking lot was full, we turned around.

For example, the following would be incorrect: The man ate the pie, but he didn't pay the bill. True: The man consumed the pie, but he neglected to cover the cost.

Therefore, Sarah Cortez, MBA, is the lead author of the best-selling book, thought before action.

Learn more about comma error here:



B, Sarah Cortez, MBA, is the lead author of the best-selling book, Thought before Action.

I will give the BRAINIEST use the words below in a sentence.( each sentence for each word.)




she claim that the book was hers.

his knowledge about the world is confined to books only

Hi can someone make a short bio for me?It's for my class and I have writers block even though it's about me XD
well if u can just comment and I'll tell u about me for the bio.


hi sure I can write it for you:)

Please help on these two questions. I’ll mark you as brainliest if correct!


1:C “Encouraging” and 2:A“Inform”