What type of cloud is Cloud C?  What kind of weather might you expect when you see clouds of this type?
What type of cloud is Cloud C? What kind of - 1


Answer 1

Cloud C is called as the cumulonimbus cloud which occurs when these towering clouds fill the sky and the thunderstorm might be approaching.

What is Cumulonimbus cloud?

A cumulonimbus cloud is defined as a dense, high vertical cloud that forms vertically from condensed water vapor in the lower troposphere that builds up and is carried by powerful buoyant air currents.

Water vapor above the lower parts of cumulonimbus becomes ice crystals, for example, ice and thunderstorms interact to form hail and lightning, respectively.

These clouds are also called thunderheads, where cumulonimbus can form singly, in clusters, or along squall lines, which can produce lightning and other dangerous severe weather, such as tornadoes, dangerous winds, and large hail.

Thus, Cloud C is called as the cumulonimbus cloud which occurs when these towering clouds fill the sky and the thunderstorm might be approaching.

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Answer 2
Answer: This type of cloud is called a cumulonimbus cloud. You can usually expect thunder storms from these types of clouds. Hail, heavy rain, or powerful upward air currents.

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