This runner completed a 100 meter race with a time of 13.75 seconds. what was her average speed


Answer 1

Taking into account the definition of speed, you get that the average speed of the runner is 7.27 (m)/(s).

It is necessary to know that speed ​​is a physical quantity that expresses the relationship between the space traveled by an object and the time used for it.

In other words, speed can be defined as the amount of space traveled per unit of time with which a body moves and can be calculated using the expression:

Speed= (distance traveled)/(time)

In this case:

  • distance traveled= 100 meters
  • time= 13.75 seconds

Replacing these values ​​in the speed definition:

Speed= (100 m)/(13.75 s)


Speed= 7.27 (m)/(s)

In summary, the average speed of the runner is 7.27 (m)/(s).

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Answer 2

Answer: 7.27 m/s

Explanation: The average speed of an object in an interval of time is the distance traveled by the object divided by the duration of the interval.

Distance traveled= 100 m

Time taken = 13.75 s

Average speed=\frac{\text {distance traveled}}{\text {Time taken}}

Average speed=(100m)/(13.75s)=7.27m/s

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