How does the absorption and release of energy affect temperature change during a chemical reaction?


Answer 1

If heat is absorbed, the temperature increases.

If heat is released, the temperature decreases.

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How to balance chemical equations


To balance a chemical equation, you want the same amount of elements to equal the same on both sides.

Step1. Write equation out
[CH4 + Cl2 ---> CCl4 + HCl] 
C:1; H:4; Cl:2      C:1; H:1; CL:5   /// Cl = 5 since 4Cl +  1Cl

The Carbon element is balanced, but Hydrogen isn't.
 So to balance it we will add a coefficient behind HCl, so now 

[CH4 + Cl2 ------> CCl4 + 4HCL]
C:1; H:4; Cl:2      C:1; H:4; CL:8 ///// Carbon and hydrogen are balanced, but now Chlorine is not. Now we balance that element by addind a coefficiant behind CL2////

[CH4 + 4Cl2 -----> CCl4 + 4HCl]
C:1; H:4; Cl:8      C:1; H:4; CL:8  ///// So now that we added a 4*Cl2, it equals to Cl:8. So now what most people want to see is if every element is at its lowest balance, so we see if we can any coefficient lower. Just like simplifying if possible. 

How many moles of cobalt (Co) atoms are there in 6.00 times 10 to the 9th power cobalt atoms?



In 6.00 * 10^9 of cobalt atoms there are 6.00 * 10^9 mol Co


Step 1 : Identify the relationship between 1 mole Cobalt  and Avogadro's number of atoms.

1 \text{mole Cobalt }   = 6.022 * 10^(23) \text{ atoms of cobalt }

Avogadro’s number is  number of units present in one mole of any substance (defined as its molecular weight in grams)

Step 2:  Divide the given atoms of cobalt by the number of atoms per mol.

Given atoms of cobalt is  6.00 * 10^9

Now by performing division

Number of moles of cobalt (Co) atoms in  6.00 * 10^9  cobalt atoms is

= (6.00 * 10^9)/(6.022 * 10^(23))

= 0.996 * 10^9 * 10^(-23)

= 0.996 * 10^(9 -23)

=0.996 * 10^(-14)

How many moles of oxygen must be placedin a 3.00 L container to exert a pressure of 2.00 atm at 25.0°C?
Which variables are given?


0.24 moles of oxygen must be placed  in a 3.00 L container to exert a pressure of 2.00 atm at 25.0°C.

The variables given are Pressure, volume  and temperature.



P = 2 atm

V = 3 litres

T = 25 degrees or 298.15 K by using the formula 25 + 273.17 = K

R  = 0.082057 L atm/ mole K

n (number of moles) = ?

The equation used is of Ideal Gas law:

PV = nRT

n = (PV)/(RT)

Putting the values given for oxygen gas in the Ideal gas equation, we get

n = (2 x 3)/(0.082157 x 298.15)

  = 0.24

Thus, from the calculation using Ideal Gas law it is found that 0.24 moles of oxygen must be placed in a container.

Ideal gas law equation is used as it tells the relation between temperature, pressure and volume of the gas.


0.245 on Ed


What energy convertion happens when green plants use energy from the sun to make sugar?


The energy conversion happening here is known as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process where the leaves of a plant absorb water and carbon dioxide, then, using light energy from the sun, convert that into oxygen and sugar.

Which statement accurately describes non renewable energy sources ?A group of resources made of inorganic matter?

A type of resource located only on the United States

A resource that cannot be replenished in a short period of time

A group of resources found both above and below the earths surface



Answer:The correct answer is option:

'A resource that cannot be replenished in a short period of time'.


Renewable resources: Resources which are capable of restoring themselves overtime through natural process.They never get exhausted completely.For example: bio mass energy, solar energy etc.

Non-Renewable resources: Resources that cannot be replenished overtime through natural process.These are the resources which are used in wise manner so that to prevent their exhaustion. For example: coal, petroleum etc.

Hence, from the given the options the correct answer is :

'A resource that cannot be replenished in a short period of time'.

a resource that cannot be replenished in a short period of time

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