I would like to know if 2 kg is greater or less then 1500 g


Answer 1
Answer: 1 kg = 1000 g
so 2 kg is greater than 1500 g
Answer 2
Answer: 2 kg = 2000 g
2000 g > 1500 g 

2 kg is greater than 1500 g

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Yolanda owns 4 rabbits. She expects the number of rabbits to double every year.Write an equation to model this situation.


R=Number of rabbits

y=Years that have passed by { y ≥ 0 }

R=f(y) --> R is a function of y.

Note that when:

y=0, R=4 ---> Point: (0, 4)

y=1, R=8 ---> Point (1, 8)

y=2, R=16 ---> Point (2, 16)

y=3, R=32 ---> Point (3, 32)

y=4, R=64 ---> Point (4, 64)


So the equation you want is going to form a curved graph.

That equation is:

R={ 2 }^( y+2 )

*You can test out this function on any decent graphing software.
This is an exponential function.

At year x, the number of rabbits would be as follows:

y=4e ^((x*(In2)))

Where x is the number of years

Sarah use three-quarters pound of blueberries to make a half a cup of jam how many pounds of blueberries would she need to make a cup of jam


she wold need 1.5 pounds because you doubled the result, so you double th recipe, which means you multiply 3 quarters pound (.75 lbs) times 2, which equals 1.5 lbs. 

what is the coeffcient of a term that consists of a single variable?For example,what is the coefficient of x


1 easy

if you have a cow, how many do you have? 1

if ou have an x, how many do you have? 1

1 is coeficinet

Final answer:

The adjusted multiple coefficient of determination accounts for the number of independent variables in the model.


The adjusted multiple coefficient of determination, also known as the adjusted R-squared, is a statistical measure used in regression analysis to assess the goodness-of-fit of a regression model. It takes into account the number of independent variables in the model and adjusts the coefficient of determination (R-squared) to account for the degrees of freedom.

The adjusted R-squared provides a more accurate measure of the model's predictive power by penalizing the inclusion of unnecessary variables that do not contribute significantly to the model's explanatory power. It helps to prevent overfitting and provides a more reliable estimate of the model's performance.

To know more about Coefficient :



Perform the indicated operation. Answers.a. 10ab/3

b. 3/10ab

c. 10/3ab



What is 1.8 divided by 12.06 equal


Your answer rounded to the nearest hundredths is 0.15.
You can find this by converting the decimals into fractions, then multiplying by the reciprocal of the second fraction. Finally, convert it to decimal form.

What’s the answer to this question



The length is 65 cm and the width is 12 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

A = lw = 780

P = 2 (l+w) = 154

The length is 5 more than 5 times the width


P = 2 (l+w) = 154

Divide each side by 2

2 /2 (l+w) = 154/2

l+w = 77

Substituting l = 5w+5

5w+5 +w = 77

6w+5 = 77

Subtract 5 from each side

6w +5-5 = 77-5

6w = 72

Divide each side by 6

6w/6 = 72/6

w = 12

Now lets find l

l = 5w+5

l = 5(12)+5

l = 60+5

l = 65