When the Lenape hunted


Answer 1
Answer: when the Lanape hunted the time of year was- they hunted around their area all year except winter when the snow came out, late fall. they fished most of year to

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What constitutional action starts the process by which a president is removed from office?
Why did the colonists fortify Breed's Hill
From a psychological perspective, the term cognition means ________.
What was an outcome of the North Atlantic Treaty?1.The United States extended its policy on isolationism. 2.The Soviet Union blockaded Berlin. 3.North Korea attacked South Korea. 4.All members agreed to treat an attack on one as an attack on all. 5.Russia acquired Poland and Bulgaria.

What were some of the early attempts at work reform in the north


Significant Progressive feminists called for greater reform: Charlotte Perkins Gilman attacked the male monopoly on opportunity and declared that domesticity was an obsolete value for American women .Most states passed minimum working age laws.




Do you agree with the view that the consumer protection Act 1986 provides sufficient protection to consumers from exploitation in the market place? Support your answer with suitable arguments.


The consumer protection Act 1986  is made for the establishment of consumer councils and other authorities for resolving complaints and consumer issues.

Even though the Act of 1986 is for consumer protection I do not think it is enough to completely protect the consumer, especially today with the forms of trade so different.

What are the disadvantages of the Virginia plan


People were held hardly to work. And that was a bad thing. Hope that his helps you..



Answer: -Vasco da Gama linked Europe and Asia through an ocean route for the first time.

-His discovery is considered a milestone in world history.

-He led the Portuguese expedition to India. In 1488, Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias became the first European to reach the Indian Ocean through the Atlantic, hence proving they were connected and sparking interest in establishing a maritime route to the East.

He was the first known European to visit Mombasa. A part of the route required Da Gama’s fleet to sail more than 10,000 kilometres of open sea.

Vasco da Gama was the first European to reach India by sea.





I will give brainliest1.what is Confucianism?

a. it is confusing system of government
b. it is a form of religion that focuses on human morality
c. it is the basis of the education system throughout asia
d. it is a complex military arrangement

2. which of the following countries did not rule or occupy hong kong?
a. china
b. great britain
c. japan
d. united states

3. taiwan is part of the jakota triangle true or false

4. what has happened in japan due to increased importation of food?

5. to protect its rice farmers from loosing their livelihoods, japan has implemented which of the following?
a. mandatory rice consumption
b. increased rice consumption in the school system
c. taxes over 400% on important rice
d. incentives to consumers who purchase higher amounts of rice in the grocery carts

6. By may 1, 1989 a quarter million people had gathered in Tiananmen square and protest and demonstration had spread into over 50 cities across china. true or false

7. what is a buffer state?
a. a neutral state that helps prevent conflict between warring states
b. a politically active state that helps stir up regional discord
c.a state that serves to buffer the economic wants of neighboring nations
d. a state that is tougher than other in the religion


1. b. it's a form of religion
2. d. United States
3. false
4. The local businesses losing their sale market
5.Taxes over 400% on important rice
6. True
7. a, neutral state

How did humanist ideas inspire renaissance scientists in their quest for knowledge


The humanist ideas encouraged scientists to explore new theories and experiments. And the new way of thinking is there in it. improving one's self while participating in religion regularly.

What is an experiment?

A method conducted under controlled circumstances to ascertain a hypothesis, test a potential impact or provide evidence for a preexisting law. the testing procedure: the act of experimenting.a scientific experiment in which you carry out a sequence of tasks and closely monitor their results to discover new information.

As a result, Humanist ideas inspire renaissance scientists in their quest for knowledge. There are some scientists in the renaissance Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler, and Isaac Newton may be known primarily as scientists but they were also writers, musicians, and philosophers

Therefore, During the renaissance scientists, The idea encourages new theories and experiments be there.

Learn more about the experiment here:



It encouraged scientist to explore with theories, experiments, and new ways of thinking. Humanist ideas didn't revolve their way of thinking around their church only, but in improving one's self while participating in religion regularly.