Who is the person who started a newspaper called the north star


Answer 1
Answer: Fredrick Douglas started the anti-slavery newspaper called the North Star
Answer 2
Answer: Fredrick Douglas started a newspaper called the north star

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Which branch of central government makes/enact/ passes laws
HELP PLEASEWhat natural occurrence created the Ngorongoro Crater?
Born in 1750 in the province of Venezuela. He was the son of a wealthy merchant that traveled to Spain and served in the Spanish army. I’m 1780 he went to Cuba with Spanish military forces and after 3 years he deserted the Spanish army and toured the United States. This encouraged him to launch a revolution against Spain to free Venezuela and also the rest of South America?A. Jose de San MartinB. Simon BolivarC. Father HidalgoD. Francisco de Miranda
Johnson was impeached in the House because he violated the:A) Command of the Army Act B) Kansas-Nebraska Act C) Tenure of Office Act D) Dred Scott decision
why are individual rights important to a democratic society in wartime? Why are there some limits on these rights?

What geographical feature acted as a barrier to settlers traveling west


I think it’s The Appalachian mountains. Hopefully it helps!
The Appalachian Mountains

What was the purpose of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments?



the 13th amendment keeps people from keeping slaves. this is quite important because this would not give us liberty and justice and that is what the U.S.A stands for. the 14th amendment is important TO KEEP YOU ILLEGAL CROSSER'S BECAUSE THEN TERRORISTS COME AND THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE WAITED FAIRLY DON'T GET IN BECAUSE OF ILLEGAL PEOPLE CROSSING. *inhales* *exhales*  the 15th amendment allows black and other colored people to vote.

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Explanation: answer is To guarantee political and legal rights for former African Americans

List the three examples of how Americans protesting unfair treatment by the British


By disobeying British laws, but forming organized groups of protesters, and by speaking out against what they felt like was unfair treatment.

What was the native americans point of view on the manifest destiny


They most likely thought that it was nonsense because they had to leave in order for them to get the land. Not only that, but they hated the settlers because of it and many fights were made from that.
They didn't like the idea because it forced them to reservation and leave their native lands



I only know the two I put, very sorry.

2- Daedalus and Icarus wanted to escape the tower the king trapped them in.

3- Because Daedalus was a brilliant inventor he decided that he would need to create something to escape the king’s captivity. Daedalus decided that he would build a pair of wings for him and his son Icarus. Daedalus would ask the king to give him feathers, glue, and other thing to create his wings but the king had no idea. Daedalus and Icarus would eventually escape the tower by using these wings.

Below is a digram of a hypothetical bill. Which of the following must be the missing legislative step in the diagram? A flowchart showing arrows between the following steps: Bill passes both house of state legislature, governor vetoes the bill, blank, bill becomes law.
The House and Senate vote to have the governor impeached.
The Senate overrides the governor’s veto with a majority vote.
The House and Senate override the governor’s veto with a 2/3 vote.
The legislature appeals to the state supreme court to make the final decision.


The House and Senate override the governor’s veto with a 2/3 vote must be the missing legislative step in the diagram. Thus, option (c) is correct.

What is House of Representatives?

The Senate and the House of the Representative was the important part of the Congress. The House of the Representative are the cabinet members are the rises of the issues and the remedies of the solving the disputes.

According to the House of the Representative, the member is the mostly rises on the issues are the economy related issues included the employment. This is because of obtaining a 2/3 vote in the Congress's chambers or a party meeting called by Congress.

As a result, the House and Senate override the governor’s veto with a 2/3 vote must be the missing legislative step in the diagram. Therefore, option (c) is correct.

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Answer is B


The test