What percent if 33.5 is 21


Answer 1
Answer: To find percentage one number is of another, you divide the two, with the number that is a percentage as the numerator.
21/33.5 = 0.627
Now, you move the decimal point over to the right two places to form the percentage.
21 is 62.7% of 33.5

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4/6 is bigger because if you simplify this you get 2/3 and 2/3 is bigger than 5/8 because 5/8 cannot be simplified
Therfore 4/6 is bigger than 5/8

Can you plz help me


X. Y
7. = 4
4. = 1
10. = 7

The answer for the blanks :

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2 dozen = 12+12 which equals to 24
But since she wants five
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she would have to pay 1$

Can someone help please!!



Step-by-step explanation:

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I dont know if this is what you need hope it helps

so we get to see the lane/ line