Given the regular polygon, find the measure of each numbered angle.2


Answer 1

Weare given a regular figure, and asked for the measure of some indicated angles as shown below:

Notice that this is regolar figure (all sides of the same size) and also that is has 8 sides. Therefore, the central angle (360 degrees) must be divided by 8 to find the measure of angle <1:

angle <1 = 360 / 8 = 45 degrees.

Now, since the little triangles that the polygon is divided into, are all isosceles triangles (have the two sides connected to the center of the polygon, equal, then the other two angles inside each triangle must be equal (let's call them "x").

Now, for each little triangle we use the property that the addition of its internal angles must equal 180 degrees:

<1 + x + x = 180

45 + 2 x = 180

2 x = 180 - 45

2 x = 135

x = 67.5 degrees

Then <1 = 45 degrees , and <2 = 67.5 degrees.

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Steps to solve:

(3x - 10) = 149

~Add 10 to both sides

3x = 159

~Divide 3 to both sides

x = 53

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MilesToGo Transport verified that it had a receipt showing that 45 air conditioning units had been delivered to its warehouse and are scheduled for delivery to the wholesaler next week. What type of receipt would show this information


Answer: Bill of loading

Step-by-step explanation:

The bill of loading is a detailed list which is in a form of receipt on the merchandise that is being transported given by the carrier to the person that is consigning the goods.

The purpose of the bill of loading is to serve functions such as a contract, a receipt to show that the carrier has received the goods, and a document of title.

Therefore, the bill of loading will show that MilesToGo Transport verified that it had a receipt showing that 45 air conditioning units had been delivered to its warehouse and are scheduled for delivery to the wholesaler next week.

Final answer:

A Delivery Receipt is used to confirm the delivery of goods. In the scenario, the document verifies the reception of 45 air conditioning units by MilesToGo Transport and can guide the future delivery of these units to the wholesaler.


The receipt that would show this information is called a Delivery Receipt. A Delivery Receipt is a document that confirms delivery of goods. It is typically issued by the carrier (in this case, MilesToGo Transport) and it provides details about the goods delivered, their quantity (45 air conditioning units in this scenario), delivery date, and recipient. This receipt informs the recipient about what goods have been received and what are expected to be delivered.

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What is the unit rate in the equation above?
$784 per raffle ticket
$16 per raffle ticket
$50 per raffle ticket
$800 per raffle ticket


C. $50 per raffle ticket

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$8.60 I don't know what SLSO means

Step-by-step explanation:

Howie wants to get a car loan with 4% simple interest rate. If the car costs $25,000, how much would Howie need to pay back at the end of one year, including the interest?


The amount Howie will pay back at the end of one year is $26000.00

The given parameters are:

P =25000 -- the principal amount

R = 4\% -- the interest rate

T=1 --- the duration

The amount to pay back in this duration is then calculated using:

A = P(1 + RT)

So, we have:

A = 25000(1 + 4\% * 1)

A = 25000(1 + 4\% )

Express percentage as decimal

A = 25000(1 + 0.04)

A = 25000(1 .04)\n


A = 26000

Hence, the amount to pay back is $26000.00

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