Need help with: 1 3/9 + 7/9 = ?


Answer 1
Answer: 1 3/9 + 7/9 = ? 1 3/9 is the same as 12/9, which gives us;

12/9+7/9= 19/9
Answer 2
Answer: I'm guessing these are fractions, so the answer is 19/9

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it is a false statement



Step-by-step explanation:

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so you do 22+7÷2
So she has 14.5 boxes left after the fire.
Hope I helped! :-)
The answer is 44 with my big brain in motion

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so you for sure cross off the 1st and 3rd problem off and if you choose the last one your answer would be in th left side of the y axis so it the 2nd answer

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Number 2 is 7 9/8 but its an improper fraction so you'll have to reduce that since im having trouble doing that.

Number 5 is 9 11/12

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2) 6 3/4 is = to 6 6/8 1 3/8 + 6 6/8= 8 1/8 The answer is 8 1/3 5) 3 1/4 ×3=3 3/12 6 2/3 ×4=6 8/12 3 3/12+ 6 8/12= 9 11/12 The answer is 9 11/12