Which gland of the endocrine system is located near the brain? A. pituitary gland B. thyroid gland C. adrenal gland D. pancreas


Answer 1
Answer: A. The Pituitary Gland
Answer 2
Answer: Answer is a pituitary gland

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Above 380C and below OoC the rate of photosynthesis decreases. Propose a hypothesis to explain why this occurs.Enzyme activity decreases at these temperaturesAt these temperatures plants wiltChlorophyll cannot absorb energy from the sun at these temperaturesThe cytoplasm of the plant cell cannot function
A trait that is masked is known as a trait.
Describe cell division
Why is osmosis important to cell function???????
Scientists include controls in their experiments why is a control important

A mineral sample is successfully scratched with a streak plate but not a nail which property of a mineral is being measured A- streak
B- hardness
C- cleavage
D- color


hardness i suppose? i am not sure if this question is biological :)

Asked on this passage, which values seem to be most important to the Maori a. Freedom and individuality b. Togetherness and love c. Killing and war and d. Sacrifice and unhappiness


a.  freedom and individuality my cousin had the same question and she told me what it was.

Which of the following describes a negative feedback loop?When the heart rate is too high, the body sends hormones that continually increase the heart rate higher.
When a pregnant woman is in labor, the body sends hormones that increase the intensity of contractions, which then increases the secretion of the same hormones.
When blood sugar is too low, the body sends hormones that raise blood sugar until it reaches a typical level and hormone secretion slows.
When a person is jogging, the body sends hormones that continually decrease the rate of oxygen supply to the legs



The statement - When blood sugar is too low, the body sends hormones that raise blood sugar until it reaches a typical level and hormone secretion slows, describes a negative feedback loop.


In the human body, the term homeostasis means the tendency of the various systems in the human body to stay in optimal ranges for health by self regulation through feedback controls. It is very important because it maintains equilibrium and provides stability to the human body. A negative feedback loop (inhibitory loop) is a type of self-regulating system in which increased output from the system inhibits the future production by the system. Example of negative feedback to achieve homeostasis are blood pressure, body temperature,  blood sugar. In blood sugar regulation, the hormone insulin lowers blood glucose when levels are high and the glucagon increases blood glucose when levels are low. In a positive feedback system, the output amplifies the original stimulus. Examples of a positive feedback system are child birth, lactation, blood clotting etc. During child birth, the hormone oxytocin released increases and speeds up the contractions.

What is it about the life-cycle that makes cane toad populations successful?


Life-cycle - Cane Toad Population Successful

The water of any nature is essential for survival and reproduction. Cane toad can produce eggs ranges from 8,000 to 35,000 at a time. There are two conditions for healthy development which are described as follows:

  • The slow flowing water must be avaible for the toad.
  • 25-30 degree C temperature is needed for healthy development.

In this way, cane toads make population successful during the life cycle.

Cane Toads are very strong and adaptable, they are also poisonous throughout its life cycle, which is why they only have a few predators and have a life span of 10-15 years. Cane toads have poison glands, and the tadpoles are extremely toxic to most animals if consumed. They are productive breeders, they only need a small pool of water of almost any nature. The female cane toads can lay 8,000 to 35,000 eggs at a time and may produce two clutches in one year. The eggs will hatch within 24-72 hours and the tadpole stage may last from three to twenty weeks. Cane toads in the tropics grow really quick and may be sexually mature only within one year. Cane toads have been introduced to many regions of the Pacific and the Caribbean islands as a method of agricultural pest control because of their ravenous appetite, however, they are now considered pests and are dangerous to humans and animals, both wild and domesticated especially to dogs.

Please help thank you


The correct answer is B.

Which part of the brain is indicated by the arrow below?Cerebrum
Medulla oblongata


Answer: Cerebrum because it is the largest part of the brain