What opinion about love does the speaker in Sonnet 29, "When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes," express? A. Love is easier to find if one is wealthy.
B. Knowing one is loved can lift one's spirits.
C. People in love tend to compare themselves to others.
D. People in love tend to spend time alone in tears.


Answer 1
Answer: The speaker  is sonnet 29 illustrates that love does not necessarily mean blanket immunity when disgtaced with fortune.

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I can hardly remember what I did before I got my own personal computer. Not only does it improve the quality and efficiency of my homework, the games I play are really cool. I also like to surf the Internet in search of websites about interesting topics such as skateboarding and rollerblading. Which would be the BEST topic sentence for the paragraph? A) Last night I looked for information on Tony Hawk. B) My mom and dad never had a computer when they were young. C) Having my own computer has made life so much easier and much more fun. D) Computer use should be monitored by parents at all times to protect their children.
Which answer is a correctly punctuated compound sentence?A. Mrs. Anderson flies to Sweden tomorrow her plane leaves at 2:00 P.M. B. Mrs. Anderson flies to Sweden tomorrow, her plane leaves at 2:00 P.M. C. Mrs. Anderson flies to Sweden tomorrow, and her plane leaves at 2:00 P.M.
What is the root word for sensation
1 Nate slammed the garage door shut with a loud bang—hopefully loud enough for Granddad to hear from inside the house. Nate was angry, angry at his parents for abandoning him at this house during his vacation, angry for having to spend a beautiful sunny day clearing out a dark and damp garage.2 The dusty garage once housed vehicles, but over time it became cramped with Granddad’s possessions. Tightly packed boxes, bags, and trunks were stacked to the ceiling.You can tell that Granddad’s house isA) brand new. B) very cluttered. C) close to the grocery store. D) located in a big city.
Write many or much.1) Maria has__________________oranges.2) I don't have________________apples, but I have_________________apple juice.3) There_____________________water in this river.4) There are __________________ buildings in New York.

30 pointsWhich sentence contains an adverb clause?

We could start a new puzzle on the folding table.

Have you ever played a card game by yourself?

All the board games are stacked in a closet in the den.

Yes, I would like to play a board game after I finish reading this chapter.


D is the answer to the question hoped it helped

Which statement expresses this situation using the subjunctive mood?


where is the statement

How to write a paragraph for 2


All you need to do is pick a topic, find a website you find reliable, and state your reasons why it is a creditable site.

If you need more help let me know. I am happy to help.

Verb in the sentence: Grandma plants bulbs every fall.


She plants bulbs.
plants is the verb in this sentence

If you push a book against a wall hard enough, it will not slide down even though gravity is pulling it.


Correct if you push a book into a wall it will break the wall and the book will get stuck inside the wall
Well,if you throw the book hard enough it will not just hit the wall...it will break though the wall..and the book will not be able to fall to the floor because the book will be stuck in the wall..

What are 3 names for a rectangle


 polygon(closed figure), a parallelogram(2 pairs of parallel sides). a quadrilateral (4 sided), Hope this is sufficient enough :)
A rectangle can be called a:
1) quadrilateral because it is 4 sided.
2) polygon because it is a closed figure with at least 3 sides.
3) parallelogram because it has 2 pairs of sides that are parallel.