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Answer 1

The polynomial after simplification is obtained as 5 x^(2) + 9x + 3.

What issimplification?

In mathematics, reducing an expression, fraction, or problem to a simpler form is referred to as simplification. With calculations and solution, the problem is made simple. Make something simpler by simplifying it.

We are given a polynomial as

5x - 5 + 11 x^(2) + 4x - 6 x^(2) + 8

Now, in order to simplify the given polynomial, we will combine the like terms of the polynomial.

On combining the like terms, we get

5 x^(2) + 9x + 3

Hence, the polynomial after simplification is obtained as 5 x^(2) + 9x + 3.

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should be correct, I used a calculator.

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Happy I helped.

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Good luck

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Option b is the correct answer

Final answer:

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